Your Tax dollars being used in Gaza and beyond by UNRWA to incite violence

The US contributes over 360 million each year to UNRWA which has been workin to foment Palestinian violence in Gaza and beyond.

UNRWA employees suspended for inciting violence against Israelis on Facebook

WASHINGTON, D.C., Feb. 2, 2017 – Before a joint subcommittee hearing today of the U.S. Congress concerning the U.N., Israel, and the Palestinians, the director of the independent monitoring group UN Watch will testify and present a new report showing 40 alarming new cases of UNRWA school teachers in Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria whose Facebook pages incite to Jihadist terrorism and antisemitism, including by posting Holocaust-denying videos and pictures celebrating Hitler.

UN oversight people have apparently been aware of this for some time and instead of doing anything about it have tried to deny and bury it.

Of course the Palestinian delegate to the UN vows to keep inciting violence and fostering future violence with continued programs.

Trump was right to shaft the UN and it’s no wonder the Israelis feel like they can’t trust the UN any further than they can throw it.

In fairness the UN did fire a handful of people over the same actions back in 2015 after their efforts became publicized but nothing else and certainly did nothing to solve the problem or prevent more in the future.

How can those responsible for monitoring this from with in the US be unaware? Do we cut checks for millions and not oversee that it’s being applied to the cause “we” intended? Besides what this school has done, I’d like to know how it happened and we weren’t aware? The sum of money we have donated is vast enough that there’s enough to pay for an administrator. Did we have one? Who are they? Why did they not go to Congress?

It’s not just one school it’s dozens of them in several countries.

Don’t ask me to explain how we follow up on our money we “invest” in the UN or it’s various agencies. There’s no more anti American or Anti Jewish organization in the world than the UN.

I have yet to see what benefits we get from membership and I would love to see it moved off to some tiny island in the middle of nowhere and out of NYC.

Sometimes I read about government problems that occur here or elsewhere in the world and wonder…how did it get this far? Flint water would be a good example. I sometimes fail to see the excuse and just want to clean house. Damn I wish I were king.:sunglasses:

Good post. We are supposed to accept that a couple hundred grand in FB ads “colluded” up the Presidential election.

We are supposed to ignore these millions in violence propaganda?

Don’t think so.

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Hey Camp. Good morning and welcome.

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More perfect evidence of why America needs to get out of the business of trying to aid so many causes around the world.

According to the US Department of State there is official oversight of UNRWA in place with alleged continuous vigilance to keep UNRWA (American) money from aiding and abbeting terrorist causes and going to the humanitarian causes it should go to. But it certainly appears that “oversight” is failing.

President Trump is correct to be making the moves he has on this budgets UNRWA funds. Letting a limited amount out, directed to the most basic needs, food, shelter, medical. Then holding the balance back until UNRWA can do a better accounting of how the money is being spent. More, in the State Departments communication they have suggested, essentially, that if the delay of US funds is going to disrupt schooling and such then the UN should seek monies from other Nations. Nations who support UNRWA activities but spend no money to aid in those activities.

Good on Trump.

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I would say the thread title here was perhaps poorly worded.

This is what happens when you let Jew hating psychopaths move money to the Palestinians.

There should be enough supplies given to mitigate starvation and access clean drinking water and that’s it. Nothing else should be given to them until they oust Hamas from power and negotiate with Israel peacefully.

Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, Trump were all “Jew hating psychopaths” ?


UN watch is a solid organization with a track-record of good reporting.

The US provided funds with good intentions.

It’s those who funnel money to the Palestinian leadership at the UN who piss me off.