Your President is STILL a pervert

I seriously don’t know why this man doesn’t know when to quit. This is just gross. Makes me a little sick to my stomach. This is why they rarely let him out in public. Why Joe? Why?

Joe Biden Flirts with Little Girl at Virginia Speech, “I Love Those Barrettes in Your Hair… She Looks Like She’s 19 Years Old… With Her Legs Crossed” (Video) (

I wouldn’t let him come within 6ft from any young girl.


good gawd.

this is real

imagine if other former presidents said this

oh well!! Biden’s america


Seriously. This makes me want to throw up.


well, he used to stutter, so…



The wokies need to wake up and stop acting like this is OK. This is not OK.


it is for democrats…

i know. what a world right?

They’re usually all over my threads with snarky remarks. They seem a little quite tonight. I wonder why?

Since when did we care about that :rofl:

Are we just ignoring the last 4 years now?


Why change the subject? Are we just ignoring President Pervert now?


The other day I took my mom to get a blood test.

While I was waiting for her to come out a man and a much younger woman wearing high heels and Daisy Dukes entered and checked in.

I quickly and intentionally mind my own business, where I’m looking and all that, I’ve got big feet to look at at times like that, figuring she’s the man’s mid life crisis that he abandoned his poor wife over or something like that.

As the nurse brings my mom out in the wheel chair another nurse is checking in the girl, and for some reason she asks her age and her DAD (it turns out) says she is 15.

I keep my cool till I’ve got my mom out in the truck and then my old fogie emerges as I flat up proclaim my disagreement with men letting their daughters dress like that in public!

This has been an Old Fogie moment.

I shudder to think how Biden would have handled it given how a few hair clips seem to have set him off.


lol yeah what a puzzlement

they’re searching for pics of trump with ivanka on his lap.

it’ll be 2015 again


He’s a repeat offender.

hed find a way to sniff her hair then < shudder > fondle her breast

like he likes to do

Would you trust your teenage girl alone with trump?

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i absolutely would.

he’s not a pedophile

Come on…leftist support young girls with drag queens parading around on stag/runway while having money thrown at em.

That’s the woke nowadays.


Stop deflecting.

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Oh my God. If anyone thinks this is overblown then just have a look at the clip.

Holy ■■■■ the inflection he uses when saying, ‘I’LL TELL YOU WHAT…’ is ■■■■■■■ disgusting! That was a dog-licking-his-chops tone! So damn gross.

What the hell, this is for real? He was literally triggered by her barrettes and little crossed legs.