Your political news: Where do you find it?

Someone - I forget who - said in a thread that they didn’t post on news links from “mainstream media.”

So he/she didn’t believe what a poster had said and refused to go to the link that would have given evidence/proof of what the poster had said about a political incident.

So I wonder if people would like to discuss where they find their political news, and how they assimilate it.

Do you read papers/sites that offer opinions/news “slanted” to different political spectrums, or do you stick with one news source. And do you believe that source implicity or just feel it is the lesser of all evils.

I appreciate that most people’s time is limited and they don’t have the time to read two different takes on a news article by a Democrat or a Republican…

Also, do you keep track of political news on social media such as Twitter and Facebook, and if someone posts a link do you “fact check it” yourself or just pass it on without bothering because the headline confirms your belief on a certain topic? (I admit I had made that mistake a couple of times in the past, and got called out on it, so now I’ve learned my lesson about always fact checking…)

How do you confirm that what you’re reading is not “fake news” put out by the opposite political party to yours?