Your people in action libs. Enjoy!

For your viewing pleasure. A mob of childish, animalistic, woke nit wits making total asses out of themselves. These are your people libs. Enjoy!!!

St. Louis: Street Mob Stops Police Car – Twerks in the Street – Dance on Its Roof (VIDEO) (

“… my Ed Hardy shirt with fluorescent orange pants …”

lefty justice

I was expecting some woke outrage (at me).
Last night they had to close major amusement park for more of the same.

Watching these kinds of videos makes me feel better about my life choices and they make it easier for me to pass judgment on those I disagree with or don’t like.

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Do you know their political leanings? Maybe they are hard core Reagan conservatives.

And for every video you post I could post two of Trump supporters being just as stupid.
So I really don’t get your point.

Trump voters twerking?

Nice. I’d rather they dance than be violent.

Your people in action Cons…Enjoy!

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Let’s not start a tit-for-tat thing.

Right? If you look closely some are wearing MAGA hats.

Old news. We already know. There are multiple threads about it. Are you opposed to being shown embarrassing vids of your folks? If so, why?

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Some might call criminal damaging violence. Know what I mean?

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lol, sure, why not, I’ll accept them into our tribe.

No. No I don’t.

Please explain

Maybe they heard the CDC recommends not twerking.

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So you snd i have no idea what sides they are on. End thread.

People that debased probably don’t even know who the current President is much less what day of the week it is.

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Lol Of course you will. Wokies like vandalism. No shock here.

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