Your Move, Google

With this latest shooting, it’s pretty obvious the poor kid that did the shooting was bullied.

In response to the Parkland Shooting, Google pulled all gun videos.

I think there is something they can do here. There are a ton of videos online that promote violence as the answer to bullying. Chief of these, in my mind is the popular YouTube Red series “Cobra Kai” which is a reboot to the ‘Karate Kid’ franchise of the 1980’s.

How about it Google? Is it time to start deleting videos that espouse violence as a solution to bullying, starting with a moneymaking franchise that is causing a boom in YouTube ‘Red’ subscriptions?

Will Google cut their own throat to help reduce deadly violence in America?

Yeah. Bullying needs to be addressed. Google videos is not part of that.

And addressing bullying can start with our Presidents who nakedness a habit of it.

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No company as big as Google would cut their throat intentionally. Not unless they had a safety net, and reassurances/ guarantees from other liberal companies backing them up.
The only way they’ll do it is if they can make it seem that they’re innocent, and the liberals are innocent, and they only want to help and protect people. But if it backfires, everything will retract very quickly!

what about the mainstream liberal media bullying Trump? CBS? ABC? NBC? Newspapers? MSNBC? CNN?

There ya go. Ignore the real problems going on in schools today. Let’s have another conversation about banning guns because addressing the underlying issues is messy and requires some soul searching and manning the hell up and accepting responsibility.

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Well that’s not happening. So no worries.

Guns are also the real issue. There are multiple issues to address.

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EVERY kid is razzed, teased, tested, gossiped about, or in some way bullied.

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This is a key point. And kids have always been razzed, bullied, etc., since before our great grandparents were born.

What we have is a culture that has dropped a notch or two in its ability to handle conflict, and the extremes have become more extreme – to the point that a gun is the answer for an increasing number of kids. (And if not a gun, then some other means of inflicting harm.)

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And it’s presumptuous to start with Google as an answer to this.

Maybe Google can be one point of light in 1000 points of light, but I wouldn’t start there.

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Yeah if you pick on a gang banger or Al Capone they might shoot you. That’s what bad people do.

It’s not that “picking on” has become more prevalent, and probably not that people are becoming more touchy-feely sensitive to being “picked on.”

Bad, rotten immoral people have always used violence to respond to wrongs and perceived wrongs done to them.

Society has more bad people today. Pretending they are sick doesn’t make them well.

“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams

When people abandon the responsibilities that come with the rights out Constitution protects, the foundation of the Constitution crumbles. For example: The right to bear firearms is going to evaporate because too many are immoral in their use of firearms.

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Nice post and perhaps worthy of taking up, tho I wasn’t trying to get philosophical.

My intent was to point out that
being a bully = having a bullying disorder
being a substance abuser = having a substance abuse disorder.

Changing the names around doesn’t mean we should ‘excuse’ otherwise bad behavior the way we should among among Alzheimer’s patients, Down’s patients etc…

It’s based on completely false information. There are literally millions of gun videos on youtube right now.

That’s enough right there.

right but if gun videos are bad, why is it stupid to suggest removing videos that show “victory” when a bullied kid uses violence to get revenge ?

please… no stream of consciousness replies.

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I got bullied several times when I was much younger. Then I got a little older and punched a few of them in their mouths. Still never ever had the thought of coming to school and slaughtering a bunch of innocent people.

This is all about the state of mental health in this country and we’ve done nothing but ignore it, make excuses, and cut funding for all sorts of mental health clincs, therapy, programs, hospitals, it runs the gamut. It isn’t going to get better till we start making a concerted effort to expand these areas.

Well, that is great that you later on in life grew strong enough to easily handle your bullies.

For many people that is not an option. Bad example, but look at George Zimmerman. He tried learning martial arts, and after somewhere between 6 and 12 months of trying was told by the school he would never learn it, and was kicked out. It’s probably what started him carrying a gun in the first place.

What the Texas shooter did was despicable, and I do hope he gets the max, but let’s think about this from other angles a minute. If you’re bullied, and unlike your hero on screen you know there is zero hope of ever getting payback with your fists, what is next? A weapon of some sort, like a gun?

What would you do to address bullying?