Your latest global warming update

Looking for some good news in the midst of all this Biden chaos and misery? Well here’s some for you!!!

There has been no change in sea temperatures along the Great Barrier reef in 150 years. How great is that? Maybe global warming is skipping this part of the globe? Either way, we can all agree, this is welcome news.

Great Barrier Reef Sea Surface Temperature: No Change In 150 Years – Watts Up With That?


I wonder what the difference is?

which post should i believe and why?

I’d have thought all the polar bears would have drowned by now…

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The article that is linked in the OP goes to a long running website devoted to saying that climate change is a hoax. I have been following it for years and he only posts data and articles that further his narrative.
However if you google “great barrier reef surface temperature” there are numerous articles with data regarding the increase of temperatures in that region.

the OP article references readings, measurements and reports going back to the 1870’s at least

are these wrong? why?

The article appears to be well written from a scientific perspective.

i appreciate that leftist google will produce data which is in some aspects potentially contrary to the OP, but that doesnt mean we should ignore it

just because there’s counter data doesnt mean it’s right

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I never really understood why conservatives are so invested in denying that humans are causing the planet to warm up. Better to play pretend I guess.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: maybe they just don’t care for alternative facts?

i have trouble taking any post seriously that has so many serial laughing smilies

Well…you have zero understanding of how Google ranks websites. I’ve been doing it for 24 years so I can’t help but laugh.

mkay well when you want to get serious let us know

Deflection noted…care to explain how “leftist” Google is wrong?

you post serial strings of emotes then accuse me of deflecting? awesome

google is leftist. this is now well known. tell your employers

The BOM (Australian Bureau of Meteorology) is a reputable source.

Interglacial warm periods are great.

The earth has been warmer and it’s been cooler long before man showed up…
Willard Anthony Watts (Anthony Watts) is a blogger, weathercaster and non-scientist, paid AGW denier who runs the website . He does not have a university qualification and has no climate credentials other than being a radio weather announcer

I believe there have been about 43 catastrophic predictions since the 60’s. I believe that zero have come true.

I know that if you google a political story the first three or four pages are top heavy with liberal sites.

Yeah, but he has better credentials than Ted Cruz, so he’s got that going for him at least.