Your HMO - 15 bloody characters!

I read a couple of message boards on the internet - not politically related.

In one of them, a guy has been complaining about his HMO for the last six months.

Apparently they lost a check of his, he’s sent them copies of the cancelled check and they still say they haven’t received it. He visited them in person three weeks ago (he lives in New York and is not mobile) and it’s still not resolved.

Anyone else have any HMO horror stories? Or stories of praise?

I’d rather have the HMO we once had than the garbage we now have. But that was taken away due to taxes on so called Cadillac insurance by that little piece of trash & his “Affordable” Care Act.:rage:

“Obamacare is dead” - Trump

I just call the doctor when I’m sick, or go to the hospital never even though about how much it costs.

It should go into the dustbin of history.

It hasn’t helped everyone in need buy insurance & has penalized those of us working for companies that offered it.

It should be a bad lesson in history. No go out & get your pap, mammogram & free female birth control before the nightmare is over.

My insurance has been steady like a rock with nominal premium increases, and two family members who had preexisting conditions (cancer) are covered. I am happy.

I’m delighted for you! It still needs to go in the dustbin as it penalized the most those who could least afford to buy health insurance.

Oh, boy, a “Bronze Plan”, what is this health insurance or sports? The poor & middle class get treated to thousands of dollars in deductibles & some paps, mammograms & free female birth control for the men.

Sort of like trying to drain blood from a stone, & some still have no coverage—not even Medicaid. It needs to go. Too bad that issue was all talk for Trump.

What’s your answer for providing affordable health care for everyone?

A reasonable question. Beth Lindstro, running for U S Senate in Massachusetts, favors a more individualized approach to picking plans over one size fits all.

I support each state governor having an incentive to help uninsured in his or her state pick plans affordable and acceptable to them over the One Size Fits All Federal approach.

In spite of various sources citing long waits to see a doctor in MA following the passage of “Romneycare”, it was an approach to help the uninsured of the Commonwealth—9% of the state’s population—and wasn’t so burdensome on those with insurance.

Candidate’s last name is “Lindstrom” & she’s from Needham.

You left out a few details. For example, who is providing these “affordable and acceptable” plans? How much will they cost?

Except it didn’t happen.