Your fired! Get outta here

Waitress canned for writing a nasty message on police officer’s receipt. The Police Detective threw away his meal after fearing she might also have adulterated it with something.

Glad she got fired. What a stink bomb.

Let’s get this country back to normal. COVID-19 has taken its toll on mental health and human decency.

Support. Law enforcement.


Such unprofessional behavior is totally unwarranted and disgusting.

If you can’t do a public service job in a professional manner, you shouldn’t be in public service.


We are seeing the fall of our society before our very eyes. Could it be a remake of the fall of the Roman empire?

Another unintended consequence of the well intentioned Covid stimulus. Employers are hiring warm bodies with no experience and ■■■■ for brains with a LIBERAL-SOCIALIST heaping of indoctrination perhaps from years of being brainwashed by “teachers” with anti-American agendas. Cop is bad, spit in his drink and write a dumb ass note. What are they going to do fire me? No worries, there’s an Antifa rally tonight; we gunna burn this ■■■■ down!
We’re doomed

Nasty person. Glad that cop threw away his meal. He’ll need to be careful not to identify himself before ordering food now.

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Unprofessional.

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Yeah food servers were such a well mannered, educated, professional bunch before this.

Do you hear yourself.


Rude servers who don’t like cops! Cats and dogs living together!


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As a matter of fact we have family members who pre Cov were restaurant, food and beverage managers at exclusive establishments here in Baltimore. Not sure where you have been spending your money and who your servers have been but high priced clientele expect to be serviced by professionals. Gum chewing nose pierced pasty complexions with green hair are at the Subway; maybe.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I’m glad that this is all liberals to blame.

Maybe, just maybe, this waitress is not good and deserved to be fired.

But please continue to blame everything on liberals.

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Where in the article does it indicate the fired waitress has “no experience”? Or was a “warm body” recently hired?

There are waitresses at a diner in a neighboring town who are elderly and have been waitressing for years. The diner got a bad review from one customer, with the remark that he was sad those waitresses didn’t have any other ambitions.

Libs, not liberals

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I waitressed for years in college. This is unprofessional and unacceptable. I would fire her too.


Did you also address the other poster who wrote “liberals” as well to correct them?

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It doesn’t and based on the description of the ladies working at your local diner, they don’t sound like the type to disrespect or abuse a LEO.

Every time I see it.

My bad I meant “liberal-socialist”. Thanks, I fixed it.

Ooh, that makes it scarier! :scream:

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Don’t be skeered, you can do this!