Young Swedish Climate Change Activist Nominated for Nobel Prize

Young teen activist Greta Thunberg has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Price in recognition of her work leading a youth campaign to halt climate change. She was nominated by three Norwegian lawmakers, who told the media, “We have nominated Greta because the climate threat may be one of the most important causes of war and conflict. The massive movement Greta has set in motion is a very important peace contribution.”

She spoke at the recent United Nations Climate Action Summit, where she ripped world leaders for their inaction. (See video below.)

Good luck, young lady. I hope you win.

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Over/under on Trump taking to Twitter to attack this young lady and claim he deserves the award instead?


Can’t get behind this one. She’s committed, but the anger just isn’t really all that inspiring.

She can’t hold a candle to Malala.

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The anger and contempt for her here is already raging.


Hilarious. Well, unlike Obama she has actually done something to earn hers.


Given that the Noble Peace Prize is purely based on politics and not accomplishments, I’d say she has a good chance of winning it. I wonder if she will walk or ride her bicycle to Oslo to receive it …

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The March for our Lives movement should be considered for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize.


I’m betting on a seal skin kayak, zero carbon footprint!

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Why? What have they accomplished towards world peace?

As much as Obama accomplished to earn his nomination and prize.

Baby seals … :wink:

I’m having two new pairs of elephant hide boots made to celebrate Earth Day!

Warranty void if Seal is broken…



Such edgy humor taking the piss out of a child.

Trump has taught his students well.

Who cares if she gets the nobel peace prize? Its not going to impact any of us.

Cant say I care for her angry rhetoric but she has done more to get involved and make her opinions known then any of us.


No, she’s been given a platform simply because of her rich mommy and daddy and used because they can demonize anyone that criticizes the poor little, cute, blonde, white girl or anything she has to say.

We’re not angry at the kid, just those who are using her.

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Yet you dont complain about the platform that Trumps kids have been given just because of their dad?

If she was taking a position that you and others agreed with I am sure a different response would be forthcoming.

Anyway please feel free to resume your hilarious edgy humor.


If Barron was being given a platform and trotted around the world as the latest celebrity guru on climate change or anything else you’d’ have a point.

Trump’s adult kids are adults, well educated and experienced and actually earning a paycheck.

They are not minors being used to further a BS climate agenda and none of them have ever been above criticism or off limits in any way.

Why are so many people so upset about this young courageous teen? Jealousy?

The world needs more people like her.

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Well educated?



Donkey donuts.

Which of them are not “well educated” and by what standard?

Whether you like the roles they are fulfilling yes, they are most certainly earning their paychecks.