Young Republicans: We are not bigots

Also young Republicans:

Who in their right mind thought this was a good idea. If they had done their research the group that benefited the most from affirmative action were white women.

Must be hard out here on the Caucasian race…

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I blame Obama. He singlehandedly set race rel… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Oh man. That can’t be real.

Yeah I couldn’t believe it neither until I seem it

Its jokes, ask any Trump supporter.

Not all young Republicans are bigots? Riiiiiight. What are you gonna tell me next? Not all young Democrats are socialists?

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Obviously this is some really poor attempt at denigrating affirmative action types of policies. Poor white male Americans. When are they ever going to get a break?

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Make America Great Again to a point in time where they did get a break I guess…when was that last?

Why doesn’t the list include white females? They gain from AA more than any other group. Didn’t the bake sale people know that?

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Yep. That was a stupid thing for them to say. Nobody should play defense unless they have a reason to play defense. I am a conservative. And my race relations are absolutely perfect. Which is why I will never play defense. I don’t need to.

This isn’t about policy. This is some Turning Point culture war ■■■■■■■■ that they use because a large section of the GOP is more about being trolls than selling their ideas.


Silly person women don’t vote or have money. They just do the baking and are happy for it or bang, boom, straight to the moon

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It’s not real.

Irony. Sweet, sweet…

In before: free cake for Pocahontas!

little dumbasses playing by the opposition rulebook

I think both wings have a lot of bigots/trolls in them right now. Sometimes I feel like I’m living in crazyland.

nah its just M Nigh Shyamalan horrible prequel movie to Idiocracy.
plost twist it was a dream all along, we are actually in the matrix!

What’s wrong with it?

Damn, I wish I had posted that.