You will vote . . . or we will fine you

Hard to believe that’s an idea being proposed here in the United States. Yes sir under proposed legislation in California:

would require every Californian who registers to vote to “cast a ballot, marked or unmarked in whole or in part, at every election held within the territory within which the person resides.”

That’s right. If you are a registered voter, A Cali Lawmakers wants it LAW that you MUST vote in any election your eligible for.

The proposal, introduced in the state Assembly on Tuesday, would be unprecedented and probably challenged in court should it ultimately become law. It would place the burden for determining the civil penalty and the ultimate punishment on the secretary of state, California’s chief elections officer.

If passed, I’m sure it will be challenged in court – and will be struck down so fast it will make the assemblyman’s head spin.

And notice no set fine, but to be determined by the secretary of state. Lemme guess, those with little money will get a stern talking to, while the rich with have to pay enormous fines.

California stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Amazing. They already have more people voting in a number of counties than they have registered to vote.

California! :roll_eyes:

No liberty in liberalism…

Works in Australia pretty well.

Voting democrat in California and expecting a different result is the definition of insane…

Homeless and poverty capital of the US

Does Australia have our constitution?

How do you define working well?

5th largest GDP in the world

Vote by force? Outlaw free will? I cannot see this surviving a court challenge. You are correct, this is truly stoooopid.

Where in the constitution is that verboten

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And they cant figure out how to keep people from pooping on the sidewalk.

Ideologically, I support mandatory voting. But I don’t see this standing up in court.

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What state do you reside out of curiosity

Ohio. Lived in California for almost 4 years. What about you?

How would you punish those who refuse?

Right to privacy, right to association, freedom of speech

Right to privacy – yes they keep a voter roll, they don’t have the right to make sure that you’ve voted other than to keep your name active.

Right to association – If you don’t want to vote, you don’t have to. They can’t force you to associate with anyone or anything.

Freedom of Speech – not voting is a form of speech. Just like writing Mickey Mouse as a write in candidate is freedome of speech.

Illinois we have enough problems to say the least. Hard to help the homeless situation. Not a good answer for that. California is the land of milk and honey for some but others go specifically pretty much to be homeless somewhere warm. Unless you wanna round up the homeless and stick them in a camp ?

A fine, probably.

There are a lot of other aspects to address as well.

Then why does the gop congress and trump specifically mention anyone on muellers team who they voted for or donated to? I agree should be private and irrelevant but let’s be real it’s not. The gop has weaponized it

This doesn’t make sense. Voter rolls aren’t private, they’re public information.

I can go look up whether or not you’ve voted in the last few years. All I would need is your name, and a trip to the county clerks office.

This doesn’t make any sense either. How does mandatory voting require one to “associate” with anyone else?

In order for mandatory voting to work, a “None of the above” option would have to exist.