You think it’s only humans, race horse is a hermaphrodite

Since I am a huge horse racing fan, I came across this little article in the racingpost of the UK.

She won a stakes races in Italy in September and the drug test came back way too high in testosterone.

Lo and behold they check under the engine, and bam horse has male sex organs also.

“He said on Wednesday: "She’s a hermaphrodite, and has signs of a male, so because of this her testosterone was too high.“

They will operate and if successful, she will continue racing as a filly/mare.


they should put it in the circus and charge two bits a gander


Sometimes I’ll hermie a female cannabis plant during the flower stage and let it pollinate the other females in the room. It’s a cheap way to get a few thousand feminized seeds that can otherwise cost folks 5 bucks or more per seed.



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Yes, there are people and animals who are born with ambiguous genitals or physical characteristics.

I am waiting for a horse owner to claim a filly weight handicap for a colt who identifies as female.

For the 2018 Belmont Stakes, colts and geldings carried a weight of 126 pounds, fillies, 121 pounds.

Post title is odd. Did someone here say only humans are hermaphrodites?

I distinctly remember the earthworm being hermaphroditic from high school biology class. Here are more examples:

This was a weak attempt at justifying skirt-wearing men lurking in women’s locker rooms.


It was on that direction for sure. But it was bound to be a failure.

Nope. Try again.


exactly. another attempt to normalize perversion

So far nobody believes you.

Since it’s my thread. I believe me. It’s about hermaphrodites. Nothing else.

And it’s not in politics. It’s not a political thread.

See how easy that is.


Also (for you legal growers), do not save the hermie’s seeds. They will also be gender-confused. Just the ones from the normal females is what you’re after. Unlike the colloidal silver approach, you can still extract the cannabinoids after you harvest the feminized seeds.

In case you’re interested the Melbourne Cup is on at 11.59 pm Monday night New York time. (Actually it is scheduled for midnight - I said 11.59 pm to remove any doubt about the day).