You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


Seems they had plenty of reason to doubt Trump’s mental capacity. If that’s the case, they had an obligation to notify cabinet members.


So if she was paying an american firm for opposition research (aka the law firm), why’d she list it as legal expenses to try and cover it up?


You really think if they had listed opposition research on their expense forms anyone would have cared at all? Kinda hard to portray it as a cover up.



40 nahs


Where was it stated it was a cover up? We all know it started with the Washington times and morphed from there…
Research happens all the time and the idea you think this is shady is hilarious…you guys always do this. You play the game of acting like something that is normal is something new and outrageous…never been done before and must have been done for terrible shady reasons.

I have to ask how many times snow are you going to repeat the same garbage over and over again in some vain attempt to change the story into something that isnt donald trump lying to your face?

I mean myself and numerous others have posted timelines…links…facts to you and doug( the other major poster here who uses the same tactics) and you just plow on not giving an inch…

At some point this is gonna come to ahead…ive watched this for years…this is how people hide behind the tos…its annoying…either accept reality or stop wasting peoples time with repeating the same worn out questions.


You are right… it is a we have no other choice scenario… which is why there was 0% chance for it to actually happen.

Repeat after me… there was zero chance that it was going to actually happen in the real world where we all live. It just wasn’t.

Put down the lighters and stop lighting hair on fire.


And we need to find out which cabinet members thought that Trump was incapacitated and why…or if McCabe just made it up.



It was not him who brought up the 25th…


Right. Especially since they were being hush hush about it till it took over a year for Congress to find out that it was the DNC and Hillary campaign that paid for the dossier. How could anyone think they were trying to cover it up?


McCabe says Rosenstein did. Rosenstein denies it. The attorney for the FBI says that it was McCabe and Page who told him that Rosenstein had two cabinet member lined up. No one but McCabe says Rosenstein said that…at least so far.
Hopefully the Senate will clear that up when they both testify.


Actually he didnt deny it


That’s an interesting point.

I wonder how many other candidates have had ties over seas that required oppo research to leave the country?


Why do we need to find that out?


And ha d they listed their payment as opposition research it would have gotten you no closer to learning anything.


Would they put Trump there?


Add the backdrop of an already ongoing investigation into Russian interference that they knew to be true, and Trump still is unwilling to acknowledge (though he’s been caught several times re-tweeting Russian propaganda himself) and there’s a little more context to their concerns.



Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein denied an explosive report on Friday that said he discussed secretly recording President Trump at the White House and that he might seek to recruit members of the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.

Rosenstein called the story “inaccurate and factually incorrect.”

In a second statement released by the Justice Department Friday night, Rosenstein specifically addressed those suggestions and again touched on the reporting about the 25th Amendment. “I never pursued or authorized recording the President and any suggestion that I have ever advocated for the removal of the President is absolutely false,” the deputy attorney general said.


If these cabinet members exist and have evidence that Trump is not competent to hold the office, don’t you think the country should know that?


So now you believe there should be no executive privilege?


That is not executive privilege. Look up executive privilege.