You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


Sure we do, no crime.

Watergate was opened because of a break in. What was the crime with Trump?

Winning the election and firing Comey.


It’s not against the law to fire the FBI director.


Nor is it proof of incapacitation.


Hacking of DNC servers as well as others.

Good lord, why do we have to keep reminding people of the underlying crimes?


Maybe, maybe not. Congress needs to decide if it’s impeachable.


That’s that they said when Whittaker took over too.

I’ll believe it when I see it.


I’ve never really commented on the situation, because the discussion never gets to go down that road. It always gets political.

Here’s my thoughts on this, for the record - The death of the 4 people in Benghazi was beyond tragic. Then SoS, Hillary Clinton, did not act in a timely manner to either a) get these people out of Benghazi or b) provide the security necessary to protect these people. Obama blaming the uprising on a video was in real poor taste and was hastily concluded. Obama should have waited until he heard all of the evidence before drawing a conclusion. The initial oversight and the initial investigation into Benghazi was warranted and necessary. The initial hearing was also necessary.

So, now what?


You don’t care about people dying in Libya either. It’s just a talking point for you.


There was no crime with Trump. You are missing the reasoning behind the investigation.

Just like the opening of the investigation of Watergate wasn’t to claim that Nixon was committing a crime. The initial investigation was the break in to the DNC headquarters. After the DOJ did their due diligence and performed an investigation, they found evidence that Nixon and his administration committed a crime by trying to cover up the involvement.


Of course, Benghazi was all about being able to blame Obama and Clinton. And hoping it was the smoking gun to get them jailed.

Republicans have long viewed Clinton the enemy. When Obama was sword in, he was added to that list.


Because Obama and Hillary did it. It was their fault. They got tens of thousand and killed no reason we know of, and seemed to not have one ounce of empathy for the people they got killed.

It showed amazing lack of judgment and yet, she was still elected to run for president. If a republican had done it, the media would have roasted them and the left would still be shouting war for oil…


That’s the oddest part. They just saw Trump do 4 or 5 rallies a day before launching the “investigation” How is the 25th A relevant all?


Because they have witnessed his limited capacity to understand complex situations.

This is apparent at his rallies as well.


and I bet they did not for oil, but for wind and solar. To get the price of oil over 100$ a barrel.

Same reason they let Chavez take Venezuela…


Do you have any empathy for the thousands that Ghaddafi killed, raped and tortured?


What example of that have you heard?


Sure, I know he did that early on, but do you have proof he was doing that during Obama’s time. He made a lot of changes during Bush. Obama and the US were killing Islamic terrorist too…


His last speech explaining his emergency declaration was barely coherent.


Did you know there was a civil war in Libya?


To you maybe… I loved it. Just like his great speech the other day on the history of socialism and Venezuela in Florida…