You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


So paying a foriegn national (aka russia via Steel) to get dirt on a political adversary is collusion as well correct?


So basically the article is complaining that if nothing impeachable or illegal was found then they are upset that it can’t be released as opposition research?


You mean like how Republicans treated Clinton?


Is this Clapper now and the “let them down slowly” band wagon?

“the investigation, when completed, could turn out to be quite anti-climactic”

Because it was all fake… The only collusion is Hillary through Fusion.


Hard to be disappointed in something you’re never going to see…


Privacy for Trump. Transparency for everyone else.

It’s good to be king.



Pom poms from the Right.


No security for for Chris. He dies a horrible death. A true believer of Hillary’s.


Glad you posted an opinion piece.

Got any more opinion pieces?

Ya know, none which matter.


So, what new and damning information was revealed during the 4th investigation hearing? The 7th? the 9th?


Who died to initiate the Collusion Delusion Investigation?


So, you have no problems with 10 investigations over the same issue where the end result was the same?


Same stuff in all of them. No security for the ambassador. No warning to the military to be ready because they were sending an ambassador to a war zone.

And there was no reason to bomb Libya into chaos or take out Qaddafi in the first place…


Ah, so after the first one, which cost xxx dollars from tax payers, was sufficient in its findings.
Being a proclaimed “conservative”, you should have been outraged that REpublicans wasted 9x the amount to come to the same conclusion. Right?


Of course I do, it’s a waste of money and an excuse for not doing their jobs.

Did you answer my question?


Amazing you still don’t care about all the people in Libya who died because of Hilary and Obama stupidity and incompetence…


No one died. No one died in Watergate, either.

We all know why the investigation was opened.


I would like proof that “I don’t care about all the people in Libya who died.”

Once we establish that, then we can continue this discussion.


Breaking now, Barr may announce as early as next week the conclussion of the Mueller investigation.


What have you ever said that would make me believe otherwise?