You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


Flynn and Manafort were still under contract.


I’m already pretty pleased with the Mueller report. Much of it is being written in indictments and plea filings. A great chapter was written just yesterday.

By a federal judge.

AG has no control over that content.


Collusion delusion… They will be disappointed at no Mueller report pointing to collusion…


This use to be such a big subject for Democrats to try and accuse Trump of.

Now Democrats don’t seem to want to talk about it anymore???


Now I’m as confused as you were in your last reply to me. I was rolling my eyes at the assertion that conservative media has the credibility that liberal media lacks.

Not sure where Trump fits into that. If you’re saying that libs used to claim that Trump was guilty, and now we don’t? That ain’t me. He’s guilty as sin, and getting guiltier by the day.

Of what, you say? Of knowingly and willingly conspiring, directly or through subordinates/intermediaries, with entities allied with the Russian government to influence the 2016 election in his favor. We don’t yet know how. We don’t yet know whether he did it on his own initiative, or because of kompromat. But when all of the facts are made known, his ass will be grass.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.


Which was before Donald Trump learned the 6 things to say to manipulate Republicans.

He’s really smart that way.


Killing the amazon deal tells you all you need to know about why dems voted for Trump.


Which has nothing to do with the 6 things that Donald Trump learned to say to manipulate Republican voters. And republicans in general for that matter.


True the right does lie a lot…glad you agree.


Prime example of conservative media blasting fake news. And you say they have credibility?


The Mueller investigation has already proven that this is one of the most corrupt administrations in US history. In that sense, yes, I’m disappointed in my fellow American.


They are some Americans who are very, very angry and bitter that the DOJ is doing their job and identifying and jailing criminals.


like “Medicare for all”… Or lots of stuff about racism?!


Lots of Hillary aids lied to the FBI


Then they should be in jail.


We have a two tier justice system… One for rich dems, and illegals and one for the rest of us…


Ok, sure.

What makes you more angry - That all of Trump’s buddies are corrupt and are getting caught and going to jail or that your arch nemesis is still free?


Rich Republicans have been in charge of the US government and justice system for years now.


Trump and the Republicans have been now running the DOJ for over two years.


How much longer do you think that Mueller will continue on this witch hunt,
and still come up with no Trump/Russian Collusion?

In the meantime he can enjoy wasting the American taxpayers money.
Than again, Democrat Politicians and there colleagues seem to do that
quite well.