You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


Of course it will, because in order to act on any report it will require Republicans in Congress to value their country more than they do their political careers. And as we know that is obviously asking for far too much from them, any report will be ignored by McConnel, McCarthy, and the rest of the GOP leadership.


That article is like 4 days old


That’s not what the article says, despite what Republican Media told you this morning. For a solid hour.


Rush discovered it today.


Except we all know McCabe hated Trump during the campaign. We have most of the texts… I bet this was there back up plan they spoke of…


Feb. 14, 2019, 9:11 AM PST

By Ken Dilanian


Like 90% of the Republican party was saying terrible things about Trump until they had the dark, horrible realization that he was going to be their party’s nominee. His own Chief of Staff openly talked about how foolish Trump and his plans were.


His Energy secretary literally called him a “Cancer” on conservatism


during the campaign…lol!


That still counts :wink:


I thought the Liberal media New for sure that Trump was guilty?!

I guess more fake news lies, and opinions.


yes… Trump derangement syndrome. All credibility has been lost by the media…


Well the Liberal Media. Conservative Media still has its credibility

But I know what you meant.




Left needs to cling onto those lies to validate their existences.



I said the same thing about the investigations into Hillary’s e-mails. I very publicly stated I’d be willing to accept the results of BOTH investigations, regardless of whether they implicated her.

I stand by that for this as well. I accept whatever Mueller finds and recommends.


Lies are only bad if told by left-wingers. Right-wing lies are totes cool.


I’m already not disappointed with all this insanity.


To be fair it may be collaboration (also not illegal I suppose), not collusion. Or it may have been Manafort currying favor without the candidates knowledge. The best people don’t have to tell you what they’re doing.


Why do you think Flynn, Manafort, and Junior all lied about Russian contacts? Seriously, what’s your thinking on this?