You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


Plotting. Not discussing, plotting.


Hyperbolic emotion. Not factual, hyperbolic emotion.


Im pretty happy with the investigation so far. Plenty of criminals have been charged already and plenty of information has been exposed. You all are acting like if they dont get der trumpengroper, the whole thing would be a sham. Far from it.


This is just one of the myriad of terrible things that the President and his associates are being investigated for.

Anyone who thinks that it ends with Mueller is fooling themselves.


Chapter 20 (or so) of the report is due out today, I think.

Mueller team’s sentencing recommendations for Manafort due in court. Gonna be a lot of statements of fact in there. Probably a lot redacted, too.

Mueller is writing his report to the judiciary and to other prosecutors in other districts of the DoJ.

The summary report to Barr is the least of Trump’s worries.


I guess that according to you that the DOJ can just do what ever they feel like and not have to answer for their actions.
I have never said that they could not take what ever information they have that they feel is relevant to congress and let them know.
What was not their duty is to try and recruit people to do what they wanted to do.
We talk about separation of powers all the time and how we are letting different branches and organizations in the government over stop what their powers are. And to me this is a serious overstep by the DOJ.
They did no like Trump that is no secret. And we know that that hate went to the top of the DOJ. And they would have gained what they wanted, They wanted Trump gone and Pence in power so things could just go on as usual.


OK. So you “have never said that they could not take what ever information they have that they feel is relevant to congress and let them know.”

Well, I have never said or implied that “the DOJ can just do what ever they feel like and not have to answer for their actions.” We’re discussing one particular course of action here, remember? IF I have my facts straight, they talked about the 25th Amendment, then speculated on which cabinet members might be amenable to that. Did they actually ask anyone? And if they did, was that illegal? Doesn’t it need to be to justify the outrage we’re seeing? Or is it enough that it was “totes not cool”?


DOJ confirms that the Mueller report won’t be out next week. This is good news, we still need jr and Kushner indicted.
BTW, why in the hell does Kushner still have security clearance?


Let’s wear a wire!

Plotting. Plotting. Sedition.


More emotional hyperbole. No plotting. No sedition. :rofl:


I can’t think of any reason the legitimate Special Counsel Robert Mueller report would disappoint me?

I have not staked any real investment in the results.

I just hope it is allowed to see the light of day, barring any state secrets that might still need to be redacted, let the chips fall where they may, if there are any chips.


Op may be disappointed that once again, they’ve been pushing nonsense.


Because he is republicans chosen soy boy. They all want to be like him.


So, who was the source for this weeks ■■■■■■■■ about mueller? Giuliani, again? Cobb?


Adam Schiff: DOJ “understands” that they are going to have to make the Mueller report public and if they don’t, “we will obviously subpoena the report, we will bring Bob Mueller in to testify before Congress, we will take it to court if necessary.” Via ABC



Plus, a lot of things Mueller has found out he has farmed out to other Federal prosecutor offices like SDNY and the DC District office.

IMO, the Mueller report is only the beginning. I think those supporting Donald are the ones who are going to be disappointed when the realize Mueller’s report is only one piece of the investigative process.


I would bet dollars to dog nuts that that he has also had contact with the NY State AG and perhaps other states. I think the Mueller report is the second act in a three act play.


I’ve always been disappointed with Mueller for wasting the Americans
money on this witch hunt hoax!


Due to asset forfeiture in the Manafort case, Mueller has brought in more money than has been spent on the investigation.