You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


The ones McCabe and Page said Rosenstein said were “ready to support” and effort to remove the President from office.

"Former FBI general counsel James Baker testified to Congress last fall that he was told by two officials that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said a pair of Cabinet officials was “ready to support” an effort to remove President Trump from office. "


Especially Roger Stone public enemy number 1
Hilarious. They saved the big fish for last


Please explain how operating within the confines of the Constitution amounts to sedition.


The Mueller report is not going to be what is presented to the DoJ, or especially whatever it is of that that the AG decides to make public or even available to congress.

The Mueller report is going to be written in indictments and plea agreements and sentencing filings and in court transcripts on the rare occassions when these things will go to trial.

At least that will be the case until either 2021 or 2025.

DoJ guidelines proscribe the DoJ from talking about unindicted individuals, with good reason. Indeed, this was the rationale that Rosenstein used to help Trump fire Comey, that Comey violated that guideline in a very big way by talking about the FBI findings in the Clinton case, who was at that time, and still is, unindicted.

Whatever Barr lets through, I am confident he’ll suppress not only intelligence-related content, but anything to do with unindicted individuals, or obscure that content so as to be meaningless.

I assume that the guidance regarding unindicted individuals would apply to individuals under sealed indictment.

That means that the 16 sealed indictments in the DC courthouse that may relate to this case will be either not discussed, or not released by Barr.

The report that goes to Barr and whatever parts of that that gets made public will, indeed, be disappointing, because Barr has already stated that he will follow guidelines to the letter. Which means likely suppressing content related to unindicted individuals.

The report will, indeed, be disappointing to a great many people.

We’ll see the content eventually, just not in the format most folks expected.


Utilizing a constitutional mechanism is sedition? Would a vote to impeach and a vote to convict be sedition? Would whipping those votes be sedition?

Seriously, what in the actual ■■■■■


This argument you guys are trying is absolutely fascinating.

You are focusing on the tool, the least interesting part of the equation. Just like you focus on the gun after a murder.


That literally makes no sense.

If they had talked about removal of the President by force or by illegal means then yes… sedition… no problem agreeing with you.

A conversation about removal through a a near impossible legal method… yeah… not sedition.


Why pretend Trump is not a very successful business man who employs thousands of people?


Tell that to the people he’s defrauded.


Collusion delusion except for Hillary and Putin’s dossier…


You can keep your doctor…


Super successful. He was making $200,000 by the age of three.


And many illegals.


I’m sure he hired them personally… lol!


Many people did.

Many people could not. I was one of them, was disappointed, but moved on.


The buck stops over there somewhere.


So, he hires thousands, but…

Which is it? Can’t be selective here.


Another stellar liberal narrative, Trump is the dumbest guy in the history of the planet but at the same time so slick he was able to hide all his evil criminal doings from the FBI DOJ and special counsel. Trump is so dumb he decides to run for a political office. He doesn’t try for Congress or senate or governor or mayor, out the gate he runs for president of the United States of America, and wins. That is some dumb dude. I’m sure his dad bought him a seat at the White House as well


What are you babbling about?

This discussion is about his poor business acumen and his bankruptcies.

It was all in response to the fact that Hillary had poor judgment (in handling the Benghazi debacle) and yet people voted for her. Trump has had 4 bankruptcies, failed Trump University, Trump steaks, yet he touts how successful he is. And even with his poor business acumen, people still voted for him.


Are you man splaining again?