You may be disappointed by the Mueller report


It’s not? So cabinet members are free to openly discuss deliberative conversations between themselves and Trump?


I don’t think evidence of significant brain damage would be in that category, no.
That privilege is meant to allow President’s a wide range of open discussion, not to be goofy out of their minds.
But executive privilege is never applicable until a President claims it. Worry about that once it is claimed by the President.
Good to see someone on this board worried about Trump’s rights to have people withhold their testimony, though.


Uh huh…he didnt deny it…read between the lines…talking about doesnt mean he pushed for it…


Yeah. That sort of thing should go over well in a hearing. But, besides:

denied an explosive report on Friday that said he discussed secretly recording President Trump at the White House and that he might seek to recruit members of the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Trump.”

“Discussed” generally means “talking about”.


Yes you posted thisalready…you have anything else that doesnt waste my time?


Almost doesn’t matter what the Mueller report says. Most intelligent people with integrity and morals know what an absolute scumbag incompetent trump is.

This unprecedented level of corruption will till be dealt with, regardless of Mueller.


The cabinet members they “might seek to recruit”, but ultimately didn’t?

Those cabinet members?


If, you know, actual adults read just Trump’s twitter feed they’d be derelict to not talk about everything related to him. The dude is crazy.


This has not been the standard practice in the Trump administration where they’ve invented a means to avoid questions in case he claims it in the future.

Until the 25th is invoked the president retains all the privileges of the office.


We may be disappointed in that the report may never be released.

CHRIS CUOMO: – when that probe comes out, Kellyanne, I’ll give you guys as much time as you want to discuss its findings. I believe it’s critical to the American people. The offer will always stand.

KELLY ANNE CONWAY: Great. Let’s see if there’s a report to even discuss .


I don’t see what’s to stop the House Oversight Committee from calling Mueller the next day and asking him whatever they want.


Looking forward to comparing the existence of the Mueller report to that of fabled Christmas symbol…Santa Claus.

You just gotta believe.

Nice hat.



Do you seriously believe that Mueller is going to finish his investigation without issueing a report because that’s not how it works. Even if nothing is found and everyone in Trump’s circle is innocent a report will still be issued. Whether the new AG allows that report to be released or not is another story


Mueller has a list and he’s checking it twice…



And is going to release that list once completed. It will be like Christmas all over again for half the country. We just don’t which half yet


We do not know what is I the report.

But we do know that Trump has many close assiosiates on the naughty list. By naughty I mean they are guilty of some major crimes. That total is up to seven know I believe. Seven of Donald’s confidants are convicted criminals, most are now felons.


Stop rationalizing sedition and I’ll put down the lighter.


Sedition. “Lined up”.


Santa is going to find the daily well of Trump smears has run dry.

…he sees you when your lying…he knows when you make ■■■■ up…



And so it begins.