You gonna do something Shifty?

For over two years Shifty Schiff has done pretty much nothing but complain about The President. He’s “earned” Nearly $400,000 repeatinging the same thing, over and over again. In fact, he is still claiming that he has solid evidence of collusion. He’s been complaining for nearly 2 1/2 years. Any plans to actually do anything Shifty? How about presenting your much talked about evidence and actually doing something about the President’s “crimes.” What the hell are you waiting for? A written invitation? Well here it is. Gonna do something other than flap your lips Shifty? Apparently not. Blah, blah, blah.


It may be the current year but for some people it will always be 2016.

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Right. So should Shifty actually do something? Or just continue to whine?

Trump should just release the entire Mueller report and his taxes.

If he’s 1/10th as innocent as he says he is, mman, it would guarantee his re-election in a heartbeat.

Release 'em. Remove all doubt.

The power is right there, right in has massive, clawhammer of a hand.


Oops. You accidently commented in the wrong thread. My question was this: Is it time for Shifty to stop complaining and actually do something? Or are his empty words good enough for you?

Trump has the power to shut Congressman Shiff up. Wit a stroke of his pen. Yet he doesn’t wield it.

That tells me Schiff is doing the right thing.

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If Trump’s flunky Barr won’t release the report to Congress, in its entirety, Schiff and others will have to repeat portions of Mueller’s investigation, which will take more time. Since you’re impatient, demand that Barr stops stonewalling, and release the report. mmK?

Actually he’s doing noting at all. What has he done?

You started your own nifty thread to whine about Rep. Schiff, claiming he’s “whining.” Priceless.


Shifty is triggering trumpflakes…

Shifry is cool…

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From all accounts I have seen he has been more than truthful about the President and his actions. He has barely been in charge of the House Intelligence Committee for 3 months, not 2 1/2 years. Under his leadership they are actually engaged in some level of oversight, which is certainly more than we could say about Devin Nunes.

Yes, he should do something. He should resign.

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He’s only been in the majority for two and a half months. Were you hyperventilating about Devin 2 months in?

The majority of conservative America does not want actual Congressional oversight. What they want are a bunch of Devin Nunes types who act like servile puppies, coming to attention at the command of Trump.

You have again chosen to refuse to answer the question. I’ll have to assume at this point you are totally cool with these actions. It is perfectly acceptable to you for a campaign for President of the United States to have engaged in these types of behaviors with our greatest hostile foreign adversary. We part ways obviously, as I find this behavior, even if it did not rise to the level of criminal beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law, to be reprehensible, unethical, the antithesis of patriotic, and potentially traitorous.

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If you post direct quotes from a person you MUST link to where they came from. If from a news source you can post limited portions for fair use.

It’s not polite to call your fellow board members names. You know better than to do that.

Anyway, you got it exactly backwards. Shifty has accomplished exactly nothing. I am extremely pleased with that. Are you? Shifty maybe cool, but he certainly is not effective.:sunglasses:

that’s the part that has hardcore, far right dudes worried.

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This is me waiting for Adam Shift to accept Sean Hannity’s proposal to come on an hour of one of his television shows, and 3 hours on his talk radio.

Then there is the way Adam Shift acted, when he heard Hannity challenge him. lol.

Which far right dudes are you referring? Nobody is “worried” about Shifty’s babbling. His accomplishments equal zero. Is the far left okay with words but no action?