Yoho dumped by Christian non-profit

  • Republican Rep. Ted Yoho on Saturday resigned from the board of the Christian anti-poverty organization Bread for the World days after he verbally attacked Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

  • The non-profit announced that it “sought [Yoho’s] resignation” after determining that his attack on Ocasio-Cortez didn’t reflect "the values of respect and compassion that Jesus calls on us to exhibit every day.

you know it’s bad when a Christian non-profit dumps you.

What he did to a fellow congressperson is contemptible.

And below accepted comportment expected from a representative.


The group added that it hopes government leaders will “find the moral courage and political will to foster healing and civil dialogue” on policy issues, particularly those concerning the ongoing pandemic.

That’s a double-edged sword that Democrats do not honor when discussing Trump. It’s too bad they don’t practice themselves, what they expect from others?


All he had to do was issue an actual apology instead of the garbage that he tried to pass off as an excuse.


Good luck on finding that with the current occupant of the WH.

Who degrades people on a daily basis.



He tells a different story.

Are we back to “believe the women” now??

And he denied saying it. That’s the sad part.

Just apologize for the emotion outburst.

And that’s that.

But no…can’t ever properly apologize an enemy


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Poor aoc.

All she wants to do is eat some babies in peace, and then this happens.

I think that he is getting the boot from this organization because he invoked God in his non apology.

That was just stupid.

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So do you condone this behavior from a congressman?


What behavior?? He tells a different story than she does.

And if you want to talk about bad behavior from congressional critters, this might be the longest thread in history.

But poor aoc.

Just let her eat her babies in peace.

Staying on topic just isn’t part of some poster’s skill set.

Misdirect, deflect, regurgibleet. Amarite? :


The stuff he apologized for.

Calling her a ■■■■■■■ bitch

A reporter heard it or is he lying too.


Its crazy how politicians ■■■■ themselves over. If he had just said he was sorry for his outburst and for any offense AOC took it would have been over.

In fact a properly formulated apology response would have forced AOC to let the issue go otherwise she would be seen in a bad light.

A 10 year old could have handled this better than Yoho did.


Yep. Instead, he handed AOC an legitimate moral outrage on a silver platter.


He should have given AOC a real apology. Christian’s are supposed to be able to do better. I hope this rebuke will make him rethink what it means to be a God fearing man. Maybe there is still time for him to become a better person. Jesus willing.


Everything these days is digitally recorded. Not that I doubt Congressman Yoho exchanged words with Ocasio-Castro-Chavez, he admitted doing so specifically over her nonsensical excuse for store looters. But to assume a “reporter” who just coincidentally happened to be in the same stairwell as the two lawmakers and has no electronic proof? Call me suspicious but then again I am if the opinion that when a politician speaks, they’re lying.
This is she said (first) and he said (clumsily IMHO). Gotta give the socialists credit, being relentless in destroying the opposition’s reputations is a strong hand they’ll not hesitate to use?


In Yoho’s non apology he says that the words weren’t spoken to his colleagues… not that he didn’t say it.

He said it.

It is the easiest thing to apologize for.

He punched himself in the face here.

When Matt Gaetz comes to AOC’s defense, maybe you ■■■■■■ up. Just saying.


So he called her a name to some of his colleagues in a stairwell? That’s what this is about? Who really gives a ■■■■ ? Bread for the World is cutting off it’s nose to spite it’s face. I hope they can find a good board member in the AOC camp.

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It’s just locker room talk, right?