Yo libs are you in favor of Pelosi overturning a certified election?

I ask one favor. This is not another Trump election thread. We already have 1000 posts on that. We have said everything we could possibly say. I respectfully ask that you do not change the subject to the past presidential election. Please focus on the current topic. Also, the real or imagined flaws of your fellow posters are not part of this topic either. Thanks!

So it appears that Nancy does not like the fact that Congresswoman Miller/ Meeks won her district by only six votes. So in her mind, a six vote margin equals democratic win. Should Nancy be meddling in the affairs of the state of Iowa? They have certified the election and Miller/ Meeks is serving in congress at this moment.

No! If the state of Iowa certified the vote than it’s a done deal.

Are they handling their concerns in a legal way?

The margin is like a dozen votes or something. It is as close an election as you can get.

I don’t blame them for exhausting all legal options but at the end of the day the certified winner should be seated.

I doubt it. The legal way was already handled by the State of Iowa. They have decided. It’s none of Nancy’s business.

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I supported trump exhausting his legal efforts, I support the Ds doing the same.

Same. If the democrat had won by six votes, I would do everything to find a way to swing it. But after it’s been certified, it’s time to move on.

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Too late. It’s been certified. Nancy is going to make a proclamation that the dem won and try to force the republican out. She has no business meddling in an out of state election.

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Wake me up when Nancy makes a proclamation stating that


No, a contest of the election was filed. The committee is required by law to review the letter of contest. If there is evidence of election problems, it moves to the floor of the house. If not, DoA.

Ok. Rise and shine.

Did I miss it? where is the proclamation?

"If I want to be unfair, I wouldn’t have seated the Republican from Iowa, because that was my right on the opening day. I would have just said, ‘They’re not seated.’ And that would have been my right as Speaker to do," Pelosi said March 25. "But we didn’t want to do that. … So, I want credit for that."

I love that. “If I want to be unfair.” As if this demonic fool cares a wit about fairness.

So no proclamation from Nancy stating that the Dem won…got it :+1:

Wake me up when she does :sleeping:

So wait. She’s trying to overturn an election that she knows the republican won? Good God, she’s a----


Only that your own quote from her fails to demonstrated anything close to the claim made…

I understand now why it was not included in the OP

Ok. Who cares? If you think the bigger point is how I phrased the issue, you go right ahead. Sure focus on my wording rather that the fact the your witch is trying to overturn a certified election. Knock yourself out.

It has nothing to do with phrasing, I am focused on the claim “(Nancy) your witch is trying to overturn a certified election” turns out is false there has been no attempt at that.

Your quote from Nancy pretty much blew it up…a “self own” if you will

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Kevin McCarthy is bitching about it big time. But he was one of 138 Republicans who objected to Biden’s electoral victory.

is that a subtle way of saying a house fell on her sister?