Yet another example illustrating "Get Woke. Go Broke."

It looks like the Nickolodeon is following the footsteps of much of the US entertainment and sports industry with programming that aggressively promotes hyper-woke sexual agendas to young children:

Over the past few years, Nickelodeon (owned by ViacomCBS) has repeatedly attempted to propagandize and sexualize its mostly prepubescent audience by sneaking adult sexuality into content aimed directly at children.
Homosexuality in Blues Clues & You. Transsexuals and bisexuals in popular shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants , The Adventures of Korra , and Henry Danger . And more and more and more and more, not to mention its embrace of adult politics.

. . . In July of 2017, Nickelodeon was averaging around 1.2 million viewers per week. Since February of this year, the channel has not been able to push its average viewership over 400,000. Last month, the numbers crashed as low as just 328,000.

When are corporations going to realize that ramming their political agendas down the throats of their audience is bad for business?


They could just have bad programming, regardless of their wokeness. They could have more competition from Netflix, Hulu and Disney.

Blaming their decline on “wokeness” is unfounded. When blues clues was being “hyper sexual” what were their rating then?

Disney is “woke”, how are their ratings doing?

It wouldn’t be related to the fact that all broadcast and cable networks are losing viewership as people shift to streaming platforms?


Are you promoting cancel culture?

Or perhaps parents do not want their young children exposed to inappropriate sexual content.

Perhaps they get a set of old children’s programs on DVDs and turn of the trash that is coming out today.


As a huge SpongeBob fan that watches a few episodes while I lay in bed, enjoying a cup of coffee,on Saturday mornings, would you mind pointing to a specific instance of that show promoting transsexuality or bisexuality?

Remember, I’ve seen them all so I’ll know if you’re ■■■■■■■■■■■■ .

Just to edit: yes there are a few episodes where the male characters wear women’s clothing, but it’s in the same vain as when Bugs Bunny did it.


You have not explained how their wokeness is tied to their viewership decline.

I’m so glad Mr Rogers didn’t get cancel for being “woke”. He risked everything include everyone in his program. Nickolodoen is no different. LGBQT are no longer going to be ignored.

Find something better to complain about.


Thanks for proving my point. Black and white people sitting together in peace is the opposite of ideology of wokeness. Straight white males are inherently evil according to the new ideology.

Mr. Rogers would be canceled today since he was not a cross-dressing drag queen.

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Lol I wonder what’s been going on in the world since 2016 that’s been causing television viewership numbers to crash across the entire industry.


Spongebob Squarepants? Really? Get a life.

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Are you going to show the correlation between wokeness and viewership decline on Nickelodeon?

In the 1990s Friends and Seinfeld routine attracted audiences of twenty million people every week. In 2021, a network show that can attract a million viewers a week is considered a smash hit. Clearly wokeness.

In the last ten years, the only times I’ve watched television have been in hotel rooms.


Two episodes.

In one Krabs takes a bite of a crabby patty and says “so that’s what I taste like” and in another the corporate promo film reveals that the Crabby Patty was formerly a rest home for old crabs.

Plankton isn’t the villain.

A couple of different opinions. The first article sticks strictly to streaming preferences as the cause. The second is a pro-Disney site and blames Nick’s content. But there is a interesting thing there. Nick’s gay pride month video was down-voted so much on youtube that they hid the ratio.

So there might not be enough data to know what is really going on. But if it really is content then expect those folks making that call to be gonzo pretty quick.

Best movie ever!

Well that clears everything up!

Quick question: do you much care for anything after season three? To me pretty much half the episodes after that are “Plankton tries to steal the Krabby Patty formula”. I prefer the first three season classics like The Krusty Krab Pizza, the cardboard box, and the piece of paper. And of course “I ripped my pants” which always makes me think of a particular member when he mentions “sheeple food, baa, baa!”.

I take care of my handicapped sister … so I end up seeing a lot of random cartoons.