Yet another climate change fail

Now this is good. Several years ago, Glacier national park started placing signs to notify visitors that due to climate change the glaciers would be gone by 2020. Well nature had a different plan and dumped more snow in the park that the “experts” predicted. So they have had to remove the stupid signs. The glaciers are safe. You would think that climate change folks would be happy about it. I’m guessing not. Predicting long term climate and weather patterns can be tricky folks. And the record of the experts has been dismal.

The article and OP are disingenuous. The glaciers are not in any way safe, they just won’t be gone by next year.

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Safe! Now let’s never talk of them again.

The article happens to be true. Not a single inaccuracy. And your personal, unprovoked insults on me are getting boring. Is that all you have is your insults? Lame assed stuff siko, just lame.

That’s probably a good idea since they keep getting it wrong.

No it is not. The glaciers are still shrinking, the increased snowfall in recent years only slowed down the shrinkage, it didn’t stop or reverse it

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How do we know? They keep getting their predictions wrong. And why is nobody happy about the glaciers being around in 2020?

Seriously? It could do with the fact that they haven’t stopped shrinking

What makes you thin we aren’t happy they’re still here? The thing that’s upsetting is that they are still in danger.

The glaciers in the Park (and throughout most of the rest of the world) have been shrinking since the end of the “Little Ice Age” in the mid 1800s.


I’ll bet by now you’re getting sick of it.

I’ve heard libs are planing on placing glaciers on endangered specie list.

^not remotely true

Ever heard of living ice?

It’s complex ecosystem all in itself.

What does that have to do with your false claim?

I’m not going to give libs any new ideas.

Can’t be a new idea since you said you heard that’s what liberals are planning to do.

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Yeah that’s what I thought. It was nothing more than a fabrication

D’oh :thinking:

OK you got me…now what?

And maybe you could learn to lighten up instead of making it personal.

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