Yellow flag flies...New NFL penalty being discussed by owners

what happens if both sides have a guy kneel during the anthem.

Offsetting penalties?

Dumb and not well thought out by Jones and McNair.

two Trump flunkies.



The only thing they have in common with Trump is love of money.

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Geesh just let them kneel. Weird how conservatives who are so anti government want people to be forced to bow to the state symbol

and of course they dont want players kneeling in protest during the anthem.

ala President Trump. My original statement stand “trump flunkies”

15 yards for protesting. LOL. even you have to laugh at the absurdity of this proposal.


The idea of penalizing a team for a political protest before the game even starts is kind of asinine.

How about the league return the money to the DoD and just have the teams wait in the locker room like they used to do.

Because it costs them money.

I don’t think it’s funny. It is stupid.

They have every right to protect their investment from bad employee’s, if it were me I’d just fire the kneelers.

Fire them? LOL. All players are under contract. which means you’ll have to cut them and take a cap hit for their salary.

You wouldnt last too long as an owner of a NFL team.


They are costing them more to keep them.

Just as I am under contract and cannot be fired without just cause.

Firing is for “at will” employees. Not for contracted employees.


cannot be fired that was my thing with your post.

There are ramifications for letting a contracted employee go.


Is anyone who was offended by kneeling players okay with the notion of enforced, lip service patriotism?



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I’m sure you have evidence of that?

Ramifications for is not the same as cannot be done.

By a private business to increase sales, sure, don’t like it, find another job.

None you would accept or not blame on other factors.

So you have none. Got it.