Years ago when Trump was running I talked about realignment

I believe we are now in full swing of this process, if it continues on this path my theory will come true.

What changed you might ask?

Well it appears that democrats have come full circle and republicans are taking their rightful place is shaping their political philosophy.

Example. When you have House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer declaring that Trump needs to prove his innocents…or libs claiming that Brett Kavanaugh needed to prove his, democrats have came to full circle of who they were and always been. Meanwhile the republicans are starting to represent who they once were.

As long as republicans don’t ■■■■ it up I believe their future will be bright, I’ve waited a lifetime for them to pick up the mantle that they lost decades ago…when they allow democrats to steal their political philosophy and claim it as their own.

And we all know why democrats did it…to steal power away from people by preying on their grievances.

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You think anybody cares?

Don’t know. I believe people have become so confused that they lost there proper place of ideas.


I agree with that thought.

I have been constantly aghast that a nation as solid as the US should need fundamental or wholesale change.

Some common sense and keeping up with tech changes is all I want from DC.



i’m not convinced democrats were much better than they are today

they are after all the party of slavery, kkk, welfare state, etc

Geographical, not partisan.

So true, Republicans have saved America time after time. I cannot recall one thing Republicans have ever done wrong.

Everything is the Democrats fault.

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They have always been the party of authoritarianism, they just hijacked our civil liberties/civil rights etc to promote/advance their authority. And republicans were all to happy to give that away…either that they never learn how to counter them might be more likely scenario.

Someone mention common sense. When I see that or being “reasonable” red flags pop up. It’s left way of preying on people.


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The CEC has done a great job rewriting history.

Soon Trump will have been given credit for killing Osama Bin Laden.

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