Yeah trump is gonna flip Minnesota. LoL

you misspelled unions.

Yes, the holy mantra of residential real estate: “R or D, R or D, R or D.”


It clearly demonstrates why the citizenship question must be a part of the next census.


Yes because the only state to vote for Mondale is full of illegal aliens voting. That makes sense.

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Maybe not full of.

Certainly assimilating large numbers of Somali refugees is distracting enough to keep other issues off the table.

Win Win.


What you see in Minnesota, is potentially what you’d see across the US and the EC would no longer be representative of legal citizens.

Very insightful… Yes, telecommunications and media companies tend to focus their resources on where people are located… Without the socialist universal services fund, many rural areas would have NO internet connectivity…


Say what?

How would I know?

I don’t think Russia likes Trump so much. They have put all their efforts into Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein.


If the red areas are so devoid of people…How on earth did Trump win in 2016?

Fake news and lottery tickets.


That is as absurd a suggestion and as irrelevant as saying that humpty dumpty was pushed.

Of course they are. But “they” aren’t counties. Just because a county is shaded red and has a population of 50,000 doesn’t make an equal to a county shaded blue that has 5,000,000

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You say that like it’s a fact. It’s not a fact. Lol.

That’s right…for those who can’t see past next Friday’s paycheck. Thanks for the reveal.

Apportionment isn’t based on legal citizens.

Trump didn’t win Minnesota…

A win is a win and the metropolitan regions are only marginally larger in populous overall.

LOL…map wars.


What is a “mommy”?

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I am sure you have ample proof. Lol. Even a Trump’s committee couldn’t find proof. Or is this something you just know?

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Minnesota map with area corresponding to population.


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