Yeah trump is gonna flip Minnesota. LoL

Read that poll and weep trump supporters.

Trump is not that popular in Minnesota.

Better try another state to flip.

Minnie will remain true blue.


What a peculiar shade of blue? :sunglasses:

Yet Trump still lost Minnesota. Too bad cows and land cannot vote.


Funny, I was just talking to someone from Minnesota yesterday. They mentioned that no one really lives outside of Duluth and Minneapolis.


No, no, no… Let him spend his time and money in Minnesota…

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It very much resembles the map of the 2016 election across the country and appears that geographically, the state isn’t being represented in solidarity.

Counties don’t vote…

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Lol. That’s funny.

Those in the red area of Minnesota don’t find it that way but…keep laughing at all of those farmers.

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Maps like the one you posted rely on the ignorance of the reader to have an effect. Electoral votes aren’t determined by counties but by votes.


Are they more special then their blue voting city dwellers? Perhaps the city people should only have every other vote counted?

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I see a lot of touting of these imaginary candidates verses Trump as performing better in 2020.

I have to laugh each and every time.

The best candidate Biden was legislating against domestic energy while VP at the same time his son was being paid to export Ukrainian energy.

Green energy was about the cash and when Trump sinks his rhetorical magic into ANY of the D candidates running he will flip MN and a couple others.

Whistling past the 2020 graveyard of votes.

Someone better tell Clinton to lay off of Gabbard…Gabbard will rhetorically destroy her now and enjoy a boost in exposure.

Trump was not kidding when he said Gillibrand was the candidate he most feared.


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That’s exactly what the map said. Those outside of the major cities, aren’t represented.

It apparently works in some cases…

It also shows how the D like to concentrate their base in urban locations.

Better to serve and control…mentally of course.


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Sure they are, some are just mad it’s proportional representation based on population.



Of course they are. Each one of them gets one vote. Just like people in the cities. Or would you change that?

It also shows where broadcast signals and internet connectivity are concentrated.



Yes. Where the people are.