Yay! E-verify, Trump might do it!

The white house immigration plan likely to contain E-verify. Thoughts?

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More effective than a wall.

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Would make sense. We do it

Trump own business don’t even use e-verify.


If it were mandatory, they would have to. Are you in favor or opposed?

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Yes please.

Republicans and democrats cannot agree on the wall. But there should be a lot of common ground on E-verify. The concept has been around for years. So democrats don’t even have to give Trump any credit.

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It should have been mandatory when it was created.

Agreed. I favor being able to use migrant labor when necessary. But the migrant labor does not need to be illegal. A guest worker program would fit nicely with E-verify.

Good move.

Finally, nearly three years into his term, Trump would be doing something that would actually be effective in curtailing illegal immigration.

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Civil libertarians will no doubt challenge it…and yes they do have valid point.

Now this E-verify will be required for everyone, even American citizens.

Now for my conservative friends out there…how long will it be before the left weaponize it?

So my advise…be careful of what you wish for. :wink:


I’m hoping that the Democrats in congress can look past their Trump hate and support what is in the country’s best interest. I would actually prefer that this be a stand alone bill. In fairness, the republicans have had a few chances to move on this and they did nothing.

The master database to finally implement JADE HELM… muahahahahhahahahah


Nothing else has worked. It’s all been a massive failure. I’m willing to risk it.

I want to read the fine print before I jump onboard. :wink:

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I understand. If this is part of a larger, more controversial bill, then the odds of it passing are slim. If the republicans are serious, they will put this out there as a stand alone bill. Straight up or down vote. You know who will oppose? The U.S. chamber of commerce.

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But the word weaponized sounds so cool :upside_down_face:

Just remember where you heard it first. :wink:

Oh I have no doubt.

And you know who else if it goes to SCOTUS? If you said Gorsuch you would be correct.

But again it all depends on fine print, data collected and stored. And even then you can’t trust our goverment.

Sorry if I’ve thrown cold water on it. Didn’t mean too.