YAHOO to slash 20% of workforce (1,600 workers) including 50% of ads team

And the hits just keep coming.

The company said about 1,000 of those cuts would occur by the end of the week.

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I’m honestly surprised Yahoo has made it this long. I still have an active Yahoo email address I opened in 1997.

I use their news service a lot.
I keep running into news stories with paywalls, but when I search a little . . . there they are free on Yahoonews.

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I hope lot of these tech industry layoff can only find jobs in service industry…they all need a wake up call.

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I’ve always wondered what kind of Yahoo would actually work at a place called Yahoo…

What sort of wake up call?

I see an oil boom once the dust settles.

Laid-off tech worker?
It’s probably a good time to consider going back and getting a masters.
It’s not an affordable option for everyone, but it should be considered.

I guess like a real job reality check. The service industry is rough. I wouldn’t want to do it.

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Yes worked in it myself years ago but not sure that just because someone is not doing manual work that its somehow less real or has less value.

I don’t think anyone suggested it had less value. Just that it was a hell of a lot tougher. Nothing coming easy now.

Kids who grew up fixing bicycles and building treehouses and (if they were pro-level kids) building mini bikes and go karts out of lawn mower engines became one kind of worker. (They would have hated a desk job)

Kids who grew up on smart phones and computers became another kind of worker.
(They would hate working with their hands, working while standing up etc…)

I hated both. I got a desk job because I did not want manual labor. But the desk job was brutal at Verizon. I suffered it to avoid manual labor. I then went into tolls. It was the best compromise. No bosses. Wasn’t manual labor. And I wasn’t stuck in an office with partitions.

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n 2022 there were 1,044 tech companies that laid off 159,786 employees

In 2023, so far, 366 tech companies have laid off 101,657 employees :flushed: