Xbox Ultimate Subscription Deal

Anyone who has an Xbox gold subscription needs to be aware of a great deal going on right now.

You can upgrade your subscription for $1 to the Ultimate level and receive FREE Gamepass equivalent to the number of months gold you have.

I had gold stacked until June 2021 and Gamepass stacked until October of this year. I now have gold and GamePass until July 2021.

I use Microsoft Rewards to fund my xbox gaming and have not paid for gold and GamePass in nearly a year now.

My only regret is i didn’t use my points to stack 3 years of gold before converting.

Why is this in Politics?

Sorry my bad. I meant to post it in Outside the Beltway.

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They’re essentially the same thing. Both are games we play to battle others


Along the same lines, Playstation has a big Father’s Day sale on their online games and subscriptions. A year’s subscription to PS Plus is 30 percent off until next Sunday, for example. Their discs in stores are on sale too but the online thing is a little better, IMO.

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Correct this is their Days of Play sale. I picked up Spiderman, God of war , Horizon Zero Dawn, and Detroit BH for $77. Because i gameshare with my mate, only cost me $36.

I also picked up 12 months of PS Plus for $33 from Ratuken.

What a great time to be a gamer.

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I had held off buying PSPlus but bought for the first time it two weeks ago. When I saw the sale, I extended my membership. Oh well. My son has one too, but the discounts pay for it easily. I bought NBA2K19 for $2.99 the other night.


BOLO - Please Be On the Lookout.

Recently purchased a new PC and will eventually try gaming on PC after being on XBox for years. It’s not cutting edge but it’s decent with i7-8700K CPU, 512G SSD, 2Tb HD, 16Gb Ram, and a GTX-1080Ti.

Now I need to upgrade my monitor, I’m using an old Samsung 24".

I’m looking for 27", 1440p, 120-144Hz, G-Sync comparable (either through hardware of free-sync driver). Don’t need 1ms response, so 4-6ms response would be fine. Probably prefer and IPS type display. Might go with a 32" but I’m worried the v-card might have problems at 4K so I think 1440p would be fine.

If anyone sees a good deal for Fathers day or 4th of July sales please post here or PM me so I can take a look. Looking for a good sale that brings it into the $450-$600 range.

Not desperate for now so I can be picky.

(Regular use and gaming profiles selectable via software would be a plus.)



I would like to sincerely thank you for bringing this to my attention.

My Xbox Gold subscription just re-upped 3 weeks ago. I made out like a bandit on this deal.

Just made some space on the drive, and currently downloading Just Cause 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom

Fantastic. Glad I could help.

Ha I dont even like sport games and I picked it up for $2.99 a few days ago. The kids will play it.

I do like sports games, so this was a no brainer. Thing is I’m gonna get the crap beaten out of me every time. :slight_smile:

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I’m contemplating buying MK11 solely because I don’t think we will see a price drop beyond 49.00 which is where it’s sitting at on Day of Play special.

I’m still playing New Dawn and Odyssey (picked them up for 40 last month during the Ubisoft sale) and I don’t like to buy too many games at one time. I make exceptions for fighting games though because I play those online.

I’m finally on a solid streak on DragonBall FighterZ. I’ve finally found a team that works for me.

Base Goku on point.
SSJ Goku on second for the beam assist.
Yamcha on anchor (he’s my comeback monster; he’s the only character in the game I can say I have 100% mastered since I’ve always had him in every team)

Barring the game matching me with high BP Majins (I cant compete with them yet) I’ve had nothing but good luck with this team trying to force my way through the Super Saiyan 3 rank. It’s the rank most people get stuck; I’ve ranked down twice since I hit the first time and clawed my way back up.

But I really want MK11.


I picked up New Dawn for the xbox for $10 from Bestbuy. I traded in my Sea of Thieves physical copy as I can play it via Gamepass

Wow Metro Exodus launches on GamePass today. That is a very new AAA game. I am downloading it.

My back log of games to play has just exploded. Looks like Quality family time will now be spent watching dad playing video games.

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Not a bad rig.

I highly recommend you peruse the subreddit Monitors, even pose your question there.

Thanks, I’ve been itching to switch to PC and since out old one was about to give up the ghost figured it was time to get ready. Last time I tried a PC game was Crysis and the computer just couldn’t handle it. (It wasn’t a gaming rig.)

I’ll take a look, but I’ve never spent any time on reddit so I might get lost. LOL