WTH happened to the Hannity Forums?

What happened to the old forums and why was My username/login not accepted? I have been a member of this forum since November of 2002.

The old forums were shut down. We were given a month or two notice that the forums were changing to this. Most usernames/passwords were not migrated (although, some more regular posters were). It’s just what it is.

Obviously lib influence “evolved” the old forum. :sunglasses:

The Mod’s can correct me on this of course but I don’t think any UserID/Passwords were migrated. I’ve been on the old forum since 2004 and still had to create a new account.

Most of us old timers just created our account here with out old name.


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That could be correct. I think I remember something about how it was supposed to happen, but of course I have no idea if it happened, considering I wouldn’t be one of those “regular” posters who got “special treatment” anyways.

Everyone (even the mods) had to create new accounts. I’ve bumped you up to regular member status.

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Just create a new ID and come…
I my self think it’s the lack of those emojis they didn’t’ include in the new forum that makes it less appealing…AHEM…
[ I am a “regular” who didn’t get a special treatment and I don’t believe there was special treatment here for any one].

What the difference between Regular users and Member users?

If I told you I’d have to kill you :smiley:

Obviously, Sneaky would be your only hope at killing a god, so that at least explains why he’s there. No that he would succeed either. :sunglasses:

I must say I dont’ really care for the look of these new forums. The old ones were much easier to navigate and there was no need to change them.

Having said that, I finally figured out how to “quote” someone easily, which is not an intuitive thing to do on these new boards.

For anyone who doesn’t know, (and who happens to be reading my post) you just highilght the text you want to respond to, and then hit REPLY.

I’m assuming not everyone knows this, since so many people are responding to someone else without quoting them and I have difficulty tracking who they are responding to…

And is it no longer possible to edit one’s post for typos, etc. after one’s made them? That used to be easy to do, now I don’t see any way to do it…

With the old software, it was almost impossible to change a lot of things due to the editorial abuse the scripts took over the years, plus the software itself is no longer supported by the creators, so anything new was pretty much out of the question.

With this new software, it was new, cleanly installed, and unmolested before @Snow96 and @GWH came along and screwed up the most basic features possible.

Why? Because they miss Iggy. This is all one big monument to Iggy. :sunglasses:

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Issue is being worked on.

Hey now. I didn’t break anything. The powers that be, be smart enough to only give me limited access to stuff.

I molested nothing!

I see. I’m still forming an opinion on this, but I am curious about this software. Is it written in house or off the shelf? Anyone know?

off the shelf. I think it’s discourse or something like that

I just logged in using my email that I registered with Hannity 12 years ago and got right in with no problem.

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What method?

Monkey wrench to the skull?

That’s still one of my all time favorite. :grin: