WRONG! Hear the Mainstream Media’s EPIC FAIL on Buzzfeed’s Bogus, Anti-Trump Hit Piece

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/wrong-hear-the-mainstream-medias-epic-fail-on-buzzfeeds-bogus-anti-trump-hit-piece/

The mainstream media’s full-fledged feeding frenzy surrounding Buzzfeed’s phony anti-Trump hit piece exposed the press’s blatant bias this week; with countless networks, pundits, and politicians baselessly predicting the president’s impeachment.

Despite relying on “anonymous sources” and shady reporting, anchors across the country worked tirelessly to say the Buzzfeed story would likely lead to the end of Trump’s presidency.

Hours later, Special Counsel Robert Mueller threw cold-water on the media’s hopes; releasing a rare statement directly refuting claims the President instructed his personal lawyer to lie to Congress.

Listen to the media’s breathless coverage below: