Wray to Be held in contempt of Congress for withholding Hunter Biden Documents

Biden fires IRS agents investigating his son, and now he is instructing the FBI to not comply with oversight of his son’s possible criminality, this goes far far beyond anything Trump did. Trump had a Robert Mueller, who exactly is overseeing Joe Bidens possible corruption? The FBI wont even comply with oversight subpoenas. The only thing transparent about joe is he is not transparent.


nothing will happen

if youre going to be flagrantly corrupt, better be a democrat.


I can make a hypothetical case for “Congress should not have subpoenaed that document.”

I canNOT make one for
“That makes it okay for the FBI to refuse to comply.”


The FBI will no doubt use the “means and sources” ploy again. Whether that is an excuse is up for Congress to decide, not the FBI. The FBI has a recent record proving they are politically motivated and not to be trusted.


Hiding the sources is a means to protecting democrats.


Why is this ok? There is beyond a reasonable doubt now Hunter Biden is absolutely guilty and now the stonewalling is happening.

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Possible corruption? I think its more in our face lawlessness and corruption and a blatant example of Socialist, commie Dems being above the law. And to make matters worse Dem crimes that are judicated in far left district courtrooms with far left juries get off with impunity.


This is the part of the argument where the presumption of innocence is no longer relevant


Presumption of innocence goes when the fbi is covering up crimes or refusing to prosecute. Doesn’t help Biden is also firing people who are investigating his son! This is doubly bad.

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Which, in its own right, quite transparently tells us about this corrupt administration.


Two tiered Justice system!! Only you are allowed to assume guilt

Initially the media tried to dismiss the Clinton allegations, but eventually enough outcry made them start reporting it.

Today it will take far more outcry. The lib media is unapologetic in their dem alliance.

But at some point I still expect the dam to break. At least I hope so.


Not exactly.

But one bunch does get investigations dropped etc because no reasonable person would do anything about their deeds.


Absolutely two tiered! FBI was falling on themselves to get crap to the senate and congress in regards to Trump, in Bidens they stonewall and obstruct! It took only a year and a half to prosecute Manafort for tax evasion, it’s almost four and no progress on Hunters investigation since it’s inception and you see nothing wrong with this? Especially with his dad firing investigators from the IRS and now the FBI not complying with subpoenas? This is what our government should look like to you?


Presumption of innocence applies to the courts and the law.

The call now is for this issue to get to the courts. Let such principles prevail there. They should.

The harder this administration fights the proceedings, the more people will assume guilt. Nothing, not even the Constitution or the rule of law, prevents individuals from assuming guilt.


Guilt was admitted when Biden fired investigators looking into his sons dealings when he said he had no idea about his sons dealings when running for office. Meeting with Hunters Business partner w dozen times admits guilt.fbi not complying is the icing

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We have him on tape essentially bragging about doing the same thing with Ukraine investigating his son.


Lightening doesn’t strike twice we now have a fact pattern that Biden influences investigations on behalf of his son!


I think many people presumed guilt from the word go

Like libs with trump