Wow - two cops harass a black active duty soldier

If you are white and you think they won’t do this to you, you’re wrong.



Are we agreeing too much, too fast? Do we have to push the racial aspect, or can we have a rational conversation about how policing in this country is broken, how there are too many laws, how “preventing” crime is a disastrous recipe for infringements on our rights, etc.?



“I have not committed any crime”

“You are being stopped for a traffic violation.” And we will kill you.

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I think the racial aspect is unavoidable, and intrinsic to the problem you are describing.

You know, those kids who turn off their nintendo? They are yearning for power, and control, and unfortunately racism is method of gaining that feeling.

But yeah, I know we agree on drug laws. and the evidence tells us we are right. Legalizing pot has done nothing but help in dozens of ways.

What other laws do you see as counterproductive and conducive to screwing up policing?

Do those two agents of the state do anything to demonstrate a modicum of respect for that citizen or his rights?

Did they violate department policy?

Does the law allow them to do what they did?

Of course you do. Why?

How is his race any more unavoidable then his gender or the clothes he was wearing.

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Quick search indicates they can in fact order you out of the car.

Respect, no. Not a lick of it.

Department policy? I wonder. I guess the lawsuit will find out.

Drawing a gun because you claim you can’t see the tags? Jesus, ■■■?

It’s a choice to be hyper-focused on it, rather than the actual problems already laid out.

There are too many drug laws, too many traffic laws, too many gun laws, too many residential laws, state laws, federal laws, etc…

There are too many people who want those laws, but are unwilling to be the ones to enforce them, leaving the enforcement up to the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel to do it instead.

Everything that happened to this black man, has also happened to white people, asian people, hispanic people, on a daily basis.

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As long as we allow them to use “tag” for an excuse and assign them quotas, this will continue.

The article said it became a “felony stop” because he didn’t pull over immediately - eluding. The lights and siren are another “order, OBEY!”

Why do you think they chose to draw their guns right off the bat?

They couldn’t see the uniform he was wearing. They might not have even been able to ID his gender from their cars.

But they could tell the driver was black.

‘Felony traffic stop’.

Based on what?

Do they have to tell you why they detained you or even arrested you?

They drew the guns because he “eluded” to a safe place to pull over. They don’t like it when you don’t obey immediately.

How do you know?

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Read your link.

Well yeah, if you’re pulled over in a safe spot as opposed to the side of a busy highway, people passing by might actually be able to see what the cops are doing.

And yet we aren’t watching the death of a white guy named George Flyod, are we?

We aren’t flooded with videos and cases surrounding general abuse of power by cops. We’re flooded with videos and cases displaying absue of power against black americans.

And again, it makes sense…racism is a mechanism to gain power and control. Those are the same reasons people want to be cops…

Seriously, disarm 90%…ok, maybe 75%… of cops in america and this problem starts to go away I think.

The power hungry ■■■■■■■■ won’t want to be cops if they can’t play with guns and point them at people.

The cop admitted people often will drive further down the road to a gas station to pull over.

He’s covering his butt.

They pulled their guns because the soldier is black.

How do you know?

That’s why we have body cams. They system is working.