Wow - two cops harass a black active duty soldier

Watch the body cam footage. Two cops getting off on their power and authority harass, pepper spray and detain a black solider.


They claim it’s because the soldier wouldn’t get out of the car. The soldier appeared to do everything right, and I agree with him - he did not have to listen to the cops who never told him why he was being pulled over. They were just made that he had teh audacity to ask them why he was being stopped, and the nerve to suggest he didn’t need to listen to their idiotic orders.

Cops claim he was pulled over because the car had no tags. Car had a temporary tag taped tot he back windshield. Brand new. Driving it home from the lot.

They never once told the guy that’s why they pulled him over.

These two cops should not have guns.

Remember those kids who would get pissed and turn the Super Nintendo off when you were whooping their ass at Street Fighter II? They’re cops now.


Yeah, that’s accurate. Can’t you just hear it this guys voice? ‘you’re making this harder than it should be! Get out of the car! Follow orders!’

Just so pissed that this soldier had the nerve to ask them what was going on…

Why the ■■■■ would they draw their guns at a traffic stop like that?

What in the world gave them the notion that there was a problem here?

Dude says “I’m scared to get out” and the cop says, “You should be.”

I didn’t watch the video, but I’ve also had guns pulled on me in place of, “Hello sir, I’m Officer BlahBlahBlah, and I’m responding to a report of XYZ.”

The types of people who want to be police officers are already a big red flag. People who should be police officers don’t tend to want anything to do with being hated like that.

■■■■■■■ says ‘what are you a specialist?’ Guy says ‘I’m a lieutenant.’

Might want to check the actual law.

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Why? What happened.

If cops didn’t do ■■■■■■ things like this stop, people wouldn’t hate cops.

Honestly, 90% of cops in america shouldn’t be armed. That would solve a lot of problems.

Right off the bat it would stop attracting little power hungry idiots who want to play with guns to the job.

He may as well have said, “I’m a private of the officer ranks.” lol

Racial profiling. Wrong color (white) in the wrong neighborhood (where I lived) at the wrong time (7am on the way home from work).

Another time was 11pm right after I clocked out, waiting for my boss to come out and lock the doors. I “matched” the description of a “reported burglary”.

Instead, I’d like to see less laws, with less enforcement. There would be less need for cops. They should stick to reacting to a crime, because preventative measures are how ■■■■ like this happens.

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You are correct - you do have to get out of the car.

But these guys are still ■■■■■■■■ drunk on power and pissed a black man asked them why he was pulled over.

Giving those ■■■■■■■■ guns and authority is how this thing happened.

People demanding more laws and more restrictions on their neighbors is how we got here.


Crazy…glad it didn’t go sideways.

That he is military is irrelevant.

There’s a lot of typical wrong in that video. “You were given an order, OBEY IT!”

Lack of professionalism - “You’re about to ride the lightening…” “Yeah you should be” “Put your hands out the window and turn off the car!” Both of them yelling at him at the same time.

A felony traffic stop over a tag.

This is normal. It happens every day. It is the state of policing in this country.


Do they have to tell you why they stopped you or even why they arrested you?

Well, I don’t disagree, but I’d say two things -

1 - This specific incident…no. There was no unneeded law. These guys were full of ■■■■■ They claim they pulled him over for no tags - when a tag is clearly visible in the rear window.

This abuse of power has nothing to do with superfluous laws.

2 - it’s hardly ever the people wanting more laws. It’s the people in power who profit from enforcement who want them.

That is incorrect. The law is the source of the power.

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It was a traffic stop - aka a fundraising event over needless laws.


Yeah, my reaction as well. The ‘OBEY IT’ stuff really was terrible…■■■■■■■■■

How often do you think this happens to white motorists?