Wow! pelosi and the liberal msm Tell cortez, omar, tlaib... To Go To Back of the Bus

"“I think this is more BS,” Goldberg said after mentioning the race accusation. Goldberg was annoyed that younger lawmakers were criticizing how effective Pelosi, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., and other older Democrats had been in effecting change.

She went on to send a message to younger members of Congress: “Please remember that the people who are here now – all you young people, you’re on the shoulders of a whole bunch of people who came before you. And you have to stop discounting that.”

This is just too funny. pelosi is working on her plan to make Congress white again.

I hope the squad gets some progressive members together to overthrow the vile racist pelosi.

And don’t forget that pelosi’s racist father dedicated a Confederate statue when he was the mayor of Baltimore.


There is a reason Nancy is a two time speaker. It’s the reason why I laugh at all the AOC threads and funny stuff like people saying she is the face of the party. Her and those like her will get smacked down when they get out of line. They arent pioneers.


Don’t ■■■■ with Pelosi or she’ take you down a notch.

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I don’t see any reason for young lib members to listen to Pelosi. Her time has came and went…it’s there time now.

You go girls.

This AOC, Pelosi thing is really entertaining and I’m…luvin it. Thanks ladies. :sunglasses:

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You want Pelosi replaced because she is the most effective Speaker in recent memory… running rings around the clown show of Republican speakers who either couldn’t control the crazy part of their caucus or who ended up in jail.

Pelosi harkens back to the age when politicians understood how to conduct politics as opposed to fluffing up their base.

Sounds like Alex et al got told “you didn’t build that.”

It is entertaining. It refreshing to see members of the same party have different ideas and clash over them.

Its way better than the lockstep Republicans who quiver in their boots over receiving backlash from Trump if they dare speak out. Look at Amash, he dared to break lockstep and was immediately cast out.

Well, that’s not true at all. He left. And more power to him.

Meanwhile over at the freedom caucus

The president immediately [struck back], calling Mr. Amash a “loser” and reinforcing [the congressman’s isolation] within the Republican Party. A conservative state representative in Michigan, Jim Lower, and a National Guard veteran, Tom Norton, quickly suggested that they might mount primary challenges if Mr. Amash runs for a sixth term next year.

Sounds to me like he was cast out immediately, first by the President, then by others who wanted to primary Amash.

He left. They lashed out after he left. No party is going to cast out a sitting member. You have to think.

Bad idea for congresscritters, particularly freshman congresscritters, to attack a sitting Speaker of their own party. The Speaker has a lot of power, and can slap them down really quick.

Hopefully, they’ve learned that lesson.

He attempted to go it alone, under the political spotlight for his own fame…and his own constituents said “no…not on our watch”.

Because she’s a racist who discriminates against women of color?


A “woman of color” is every woman in the world except albinos.

AOC is an idiot.


A Bingo.

without racial identity politics AOC would be just another empty grocery bag blowing in the wind


The “young liberal-socialists” will call Pelosi and the “establishment” types “racists”; bet on it.
Other “people of color” who have been elected to Congress and nobody including their constituents ever hears from will agree.