Wow! china joe biden Asked xi To Help Make Him President

Forget looking for emails. biden is on video admitting to asking china to help him become POTUS, and he said this while in office as VP.

And what do you know…

china loves the bought and paid for bidens.

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Just so we’re clear, we don’t want foreign countries helping or hurting a presidential campaign… right everyone? :thinking:


There is a reason why we call him Beijing Biden.

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Quid pro joe.


Is Nancy Pelosi not going to meet with the former President of Mexico to work out a strategy to beat Trump this year? Because she did the last election.


Hey you guys didn’t you get the memo???

Russia Russia Russia!!!

China? Come on Man!

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Here is the video.

This is a silly attempt to smear Biden.

I know it will become CEC fodder… but anyone who sees it will understand what is going on here.


You do realize, don’t you, that in great power geopolitics, being unpredictable is a vice, not a virtue?

No, probably not because too many stereotypes about what makes one a “strong negotiator” are too firmly embedded.

That an elected government official (VP) asked a foreign leader to help him become elected??

Yeah, we see what’s going on here.


Funny…so now we are supposed care that a presidential candidate asked for foreign help in winning an election? Trump did it on national tv.


I am sure you do see that.

So if you accept that that is what is happening here then you have to accept all of President Trump’s statements of calling for foreign interference in our elections as something to be concerned about.

Moreover maybe be concerned with the DNI intentionally downplaying or suppressing information about foreign interference that is helpful to the President and elevating threats of foreign interference that is helpful to his opponent.

I am sure if you really saw what was going on here that that would be of great concern.

But what I do think is going on here is a standard “Checkmate Libs!”

Now we are not supposed to care, if it was Biden?
Maybe Trump should use this to open up an investigation into possible collusion? After all, if Biden was just joking and is innocent, he should welcome an investigation.
Maybe Steele could be paid to make a dossier on this.


Was Biden running for President in 2013?

I didn’t know we had a special Presidential election that year.

Go for it.

You’ll get him this time.

Nah. What we have this time is Sen Ron Johnson trying to push disinfo he is getting from an actual Kremlin asset, Andriy Derkach, in order to find something illegal in a Burisma investigation.


Too funny and lame. Bonus points for lame.

Was Trump an elected official when he joked about hillary’s emails??

Was biden running for POTUS when Rudy was talking to Ukrainians about biden’s activities in Ukraine??


Trump was actually running for President in 2016 when he told his “joke”.

And yes please do share with all of us the “results” of Rudy’s “investigation”.

Can you present it the way OAN did? Complete with the grainy shaky footage of his “crack team” being chased by black limos and the Ukrainian military and by operatives of SOROS?!?!?

That was really entertaining!



but when trump sarcastically quipped about emails that was collusion… amiright!


Not so sure what this is about.

Wanting it both ways?