Would you trade a wall for Medicare for all


Thanks WW, that was actually my reason for questioning the number.

Figured he’s not aware that healthcare actually cost money now too.


I’m in.



But there was an insinuation in the post you responded to that a wall would get rid of 10-20 million illegals. That’s what absolution was referring to


The point is that illegal immigrants that are here will utilize the healthcare system - at no cost to them - and if there were to be significant increases in illegal immigration that such a thing would put a strain on our healthcare system.


I guess it’s a good thing that’s not happening IRL and that the illegal immigration problem is actually getting smaller


We already have a massive deficit. How would you pay for it? The wall is only 5 billion. That’s a rounding error on the fed budget…


Seeing how M4A, according to the study Trump and Ted Cruz love to cite, would save us about $200 billion a year compared to our current system, we’d pay for it in the same way we do now: with money. Except we’ll be saving a crap ton that can otherwise be better utilized in ways that are rent seeking.


The savings by implementing M4A are an order of magnitude greater per year than the cost illegal immigrants add to the system.


How do we pay for all the wars? Break out the Credit Cards!! :slight_smile:

BTW, we could cut the military budget in half, pay for Medicare-4-All, and still have money left over.


I have always said that those here illegally should be given the opportunity to go legal and part of that is understanding that there is no pathway to citizenship.

There has to be some consequence for living here illegally, paying a fine is all well and good but then we have to pay for the cost of administering the repayment, making payment plans and enforcing non payment.

Much easier to allow them for a green card on the understanding citizenship will never be granted.


When has any govt forecast come in below their estimates of cost? Never, in fact they are often wrong by a factor of 10 or more.


So we agree… $5 billion for a wall is way, way below the actual cost…


That was a Koch funded, Libertarian think-tank forecast. I doubt they were underestimating the cost.


Forget that, Trump needs to escalate his demands the longer they throw a tantrum.


There’s only one person throwing a tantrum.


First, it wasn’t a government forecast. Please educate yourself.

Second, do you have any data to back up your premise? For example, I have some counter-evidence. CBO estimates can be quite accurate in cases:

CBO’s sixth-year projections also tended to be too high, exceeding actual outlays in 20 of 28 years. Both the average error (3.0 percent) and the mean absolute error (5.9 percent) of the sixth-year projections made between 1984 and 2011 were larger than those of the budget-year projections covered by this analysis. Of the 28 sixth-year projections, 9 were within 4 percent of actual outlays, and 4 were off by 10 percent or more. If CBO’s June 2017 projection of $5.2 trillion in total outlays for 2022 had an error equal to that mean absolute error, actual outlays would be higher or lower than the agency projected by $0.3 trillion (or 1.3 percent of GDP). [1]

  1. https://www.cbo.gov/publication/53328#section1


Obama care will be cheaper…lmao!


So let them all stay for free within 10 years? No thank you.


Like the right to keep and bear arms?


They wouldn’t want 5 billion, but what a more realistic exchange.

A full wall, the whole length of the southern border for a single payer HC.

Nixon offered a single payer HC if they backoff his impeachment. Would the dems let another golden opportunity slip away?