Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


I am not Paranoid Schizophrenic…so yes I would.
How about you…would you do it if it were Buba Clinton there?


And the Progressives who say they hate Nazi’s and Dictators sure act like it when they go around trying to Silence peoples Speech and attack people for voting for Trump. So we can both agree that their are extremes on both sides of the fence.

Just as people complaining about Trump appearing in his talk to be a Dictator or King but then turn around and want him to fix things with his PEN and ignore Congress.


Woodrow Wilson and James K. polk are worse.


Hell the ■■■■ NO!!


Parents and kids have been separated at the border by every administration for at least the last fifty years.


That’s what taxes are for. Establishing and securing it’s borders are the most basic duties of any government.


It’s already under construction and being paid for with our tax dollars.


“accused”. Really, that’s the best you’ve got?


So you think nothing has changed under Trump. Ok. Sure.


The only change is that “zero tolerance” means everyone who enters the country illegally will be charged, tried, convicted, and deported except those who can show a valid claim of asylum.

Those who can show a valid claim of asylum are getting time served and released instead of being deported.


So you don’t believe any change was made by Trump as far as the extent or duration of child / parent separation?


I gave you the details of what changed.

There’s certainly no evidence which suggests these kids are being held any longer than they were during the last administration either at least not by any intent.

A total of around 90,000 kids were detained under the previous administration and yet there wasn’t the lest bit of wailing and handwringing from the left over it.


“The Obama administration’s strategy was to expedite deportations of refugee children oftentimes without a lawyer, and jail refugee mothers with children as a deterrent,” said Matthew Kolken, an immigration lawyer whose clients include children seeking political asylum. “Yes, Trump’s zero-tolerance policy is concerning, but it isn’t a huge departure from what we saw under Obama, as 52 percent of all federal criminal prosecutions were for immigration related crimes when he left office.”

Where was the wailing and handwringing?


WR, you gave the details of what changed on the books. Did anything change as far as how the administrations chose to enforce?

So you think kids are separated from their parents at the same frequency and duration as previous presidents? Hmmmm…


I gave you the details of what “zero tolerance” means. Of course that means it’s happening with greater frequency, that’s the whole point of “zero tolerance”.


It’s not worth it.


Duration of separation?


If you can show a change in the duration by all means do so.


This link doesn’t specifically speak to the duration but it does a good job outlining the difference between Obama and Trump on this issue.


He said what he said, he’s never asked for forgiveness. Simple as that. Truth was told. I mean I know that your lord and savior donald trump in your mind is flawless and can’t do wrong. I get it. The cult of partisan politics don’t allow you to think no other way. This stronghold of yours is actually pretty sad. Hopefully one day you will be free from the bondage of partisan politics.