Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


I am great with kids. My own and friend’s kids. We play ever kind of sport and game all the time. It’s always a blast and they stay outside like I did when I was a kid. We even keep stats.

Now, you go right insinuating that I’m a pedophile when I’m exactly the opposite. And you go right on and give the actual adulterer/porn star doer/John the benefit of the doubt.

I wouldn’t expect anything different from you.


Why is it Embarrassing that Trump has Sexual Relations with A Porn Star? A Porn star is a Human being and has same attractions as other people. Just as Trump Does.
Trump Cheats always has big deal.

I didn’t care about Clinton Having sex with Monica.
Just like Trump I have problems that they LIE about having sex with these women.


See so you can’t admit your Original Post didn’t Say what you claimed it did.

So YOU are who is making it political.

Again Why do you have Problem with Pornstars?


I am not a Republican I don’t belong to the Democrat or Republican Party.

And Apparently I am more Liberal than you and Red Comet when it comes to Porn Stars and Sex.
Seems you are the Republicans and Conservatives compared to me


Trump is a rapist and a self-admitted sexual molester. He also admits to walking in on naked minors. We know you’re cool with that, but it bothers us.


There is flailing and there are your posts. People actually posted what I was talking about in this very thread. They brought it up.

Damn dude. Read a little.


Strange Trump was convicted of Rape exactly WHEN?
He never actually admitted that he was a sexual Molester since the what he said in that locker room was they WILL LET you which implies consent.

Again I don’t like Trump as a person have said that MANY ■■■■■■■ times in this forum.

But people in this thread are putting down PORNSTARS that it somehow is dirty or something.


Not sure who is “putting down pornstars”, as I don’t recall reading that. I don’t have a problem with their chosen profession, however that has NOT been the case for the evangelical Christians in this country. For decades they have fought to have pornography censored and/or outlawed. These people are now openly backing Trump, who cheated on his wife with a porn star. So not only have they flipped on the sanctity of marriage, but also giving him a pass for doing with it with an person responsible for creating “images of evil”.

Does that help?


Oh come on.

I expect the leader of the free world to be a bit better than Trump and Clinton.


I would agree with you But we have Trump, We had Clinton, We had Many other leaders with other issues.
Presidents are not Perfect people they are Human Beings with faults like everyone else.


get some help


Of course every person has demons.

But Trump and Clinton were so brash, so open with it that it boggles the mind.

If someone wants to support that’s fine. It’s a legitimate political position. But some people are acting like he’s the second coming of Christ. Any criticism of Trump lands you the label of Anti-American. Or in reality they are labeling those of us who dislike the president as “counter revolutionary.”

For people who claim to hate communism a lot of them are acting like Red Guards.


should we post the Obama worship vids?


Go ahead. I’ve criticized liberals on numerous occasions for their abject worship of Obama.

I hate the cult of personality. I don’t care which ideology the “leader” subscribes to. It’s dangerous. And it’s foolish.


I have two daughters and no way would I make a jest about dating my daughters or make lewd comments about them.

If I think what Trump said was fatherly then that is just plain ■■■■■■ up.


You must be a laugh at parties. :tongue::tongue::tongue::tongue:


Someone has been busy paying off a lot of Trump mistresses including at least one pornstar. What’s HE ashamed of? Rudy Giuliani basically said they’re not even really people.


now ^ this poster wants me to get help because of…

"I’ve never cheated on my wife. I’ve never done a porn star. Never paid a prostitute.

I’m great with kids. Built a full court (shorter) basketball court in my backyard. Another section has a soccer field. Also have a jungle gym. All the neighborhood kids usually end up over here because our setup is so cool.

And it appears that some people would trust their children with Donald Trump instead of someone like me because of, wait for it…


man. Trump republicans are a weird lot aren’t they.


yeah, that’s a very weird part of all of this.

also, that poster posts hate filled stuff constantly. kinda funny watching her complaining about, you know, hate filled posts.


yes. very much so.