Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


Read my other post where I clarified Strangers.
Which the President of the United States Obama or Hillary or Trump would be considered. Just as I pointed out Doctors don’t want to see Kids alone these days either because of to many things going on.

So how did you feel about a Trusted Gymnastics Doctor feeling up kids. I mean he was a Doctor that should be trusted adult right?

So spare me your crap about possibly being over protective
I am far from over protective
But the OPS question was to try to show that even Conservatives or anyone wouldn’t want to have their daughters alone with Trump. But most parents would not want their kids alone in rooms with many people. You know like a Trusted Doctor.


we are gonna find out some things about Obama too.


Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins — or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom — Lucifer.

Libs (and lib impersonators) contort themselves to deny that this Alinsky was Hillary Clinton’s hero. There is the other master that libs serve… their first radical. They talk a righteous talk but bear false witness against Trump. Strange that they have to lie to find fault with a man who is no one’s moral hero. But lie they do. And they lie about us. There is no righteousness in a lie. The “first radical” has embraced them all, the lies and the liars.


well said.

Evil minds know they are evil and try to hide it. Trump actually talks like an innocent man, not even aware that some might take his comments to mean he would engage in incest. It is utterly disgusting what the lib mind has constructed, embellished, and condemned for their own enjoyment.


Hell, I wouldn’t even leave my American flag alone in a room with Trump. Who knows what sort of perverted acts he would unleash on my beautiful flag. Trump is a documented demented pervert.



Well, since you’re deflecting away from Trump (a national figure) I just used other national figures (that people consider leftists).

I was probably too logical.



You’re strangers with lots of Americans who have bad reputations. Like Hollywood types.

Trump is simply a sexual sleaze bag. You can say it with no caveats. It’s easy.


It’s not like Trump has done XXX stars or anything.


Probably about the same as Jimmy Carter.


I’ve never cheated on my wife. I’ve never done a porn star. Never paid a prostitute.

I’m great with kids. Built a full court (shorter) basketball court in my backyard. Another section has a soccer field. Also have a jungle gym. All the neighborhood kids usually end up over here because our setup is so cool.

And it appears that some people would trust their children with Donald Trump instead of someone like me because of, wait for it…



I’m not even a liberal and I find their behavior ridiculous.

This is basically the Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution. Instead of Mao’s Little Red Book people are carrying the Art of the Deal.


Yes some Obama fans took it way too far.

The Cult of Personality is a real thing and it’s dangerous. Regardless of who is in power.


All you wrote can be seen as Creepy since it is something a Pedophile would do as well. Having all the stuff to attract kids. I am not calling you a Pedo. But strange you don’t see how creepy it is you saying it.
So NO I WOULDN’T want my Girls to be Near you with our knowing you personally.

So again the OP trying to make this about specifically Trump being creepy is STUPID and you know it.


Yes, having all that cool stuff for my four kids is creepy.

See what I mean ^ about politics.


So you have issues with Porn Stars?
So you seem to be uptight about people making money on film having sex?
How Puritan of you


Oh come on this is a stretch.

Trump has a documented history of sexual harassment.

And before anyone calls me a liberal so does Bill Clinton.


NO WHERE IN YOUR POST did you mention it was for your KIDS.

I’m great with kids. Built a full court (shorter) basketball court in my backyard. Another section has a soccer field. Also have a jungle gym. All the neighborhood kids usually end up over here because our setup is so cool.


And the transformation of the Republican party is now complete. ^


You don’t find it a little embarrassing that the POTUS has banged a pornstar or two? It belittles the office.

And before anyone calls me a lib Bill Clinton stained the office for his abhorrent behavior, too


Did I deny that Trump has a History of it NO I didn’t so stop trying to put that on me.

Did the Doctor in the gymnastic thing have a History before he started sexually assaulting the young girls?

SO again I wouldn’t allow my Girls to be ALONE with Adults I do not KNOW.

Again the Question is trying to imply that it is ONLY Trump you wouldn’t allow.

I have stated that It is not just Specifically Trump which most SANE parents would agree.