Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


I have outstanding daughters. Well educated, strong Christians, and conservatives. All grown.

It’s a slight aimed at some of the lefties from my stand point.


That’s me!


Well this topic reminds me of the time my mom’s new boyfriend was a newly released felon who had been convicted of sexual assault of a minor (12 year old girl) and was permanently on the sexual predator list. We kids were grown up. But her constant excuse was that it happened at a party, no one knew who did it, it could have been anyone, poor boyfriend got stuck with the rap.

I finally told her that my husband could be at a party with his friends, my sister’s husband could be at a party with his friends, my brother could be at a party with his friends, and if a 12 year old girl was at any of those parties, she would be safe, not sexually assaulted.

She shut up after that. She knew I was right and her lame excuse was stupid.


Not Grandma or Grandpa? You’ll never, ever hire a sitter?

Do you also make them wear motorcycle helmets when they’re in a car?


You’re just trolling, then, and trying to dance away from it with the ". . . some of the . . . " disclaimer. Got it.


Not with a lib? Why not?


What on earth was your mom thinking? I don’t get that sort of thinking.


No trolling at all. I just don’t find leftists as trustworthy as the general population.

There’s exceptions of course but as a general rule…


That was a bad era for us. Pretty much total estrangement for nearly a decade. I don’t know what to say. It was very weird.


It’s weird that you think a man who has talked sexually about his own daughter is a great man. Each to their own i suppose.


This is the point I was trying to get at with Wild rose the other day. Living in affluent dominate white suburb, I know many adult Trump supporters who drive under the influence of alcohol and some smoke weed. Last I checked, both illegal and can be danger to their children. Maybe these wrongdoers should have their children ripped away from them as well…


I feel for you there. I’m thankful I didn’t have to deal with that sort of thing but you see it on the tube every day in court cases Dr Phil etc. ugh.


Yeah, that was me.

I don’t have a daughter, but I said yes to give the haters something more to poutrage about.

In other words, yanking their chain.

Carry on with the poutrage.


Don’t you feel dumber for posting this.

I know I do for reading it.


Well…good sir you didn’t have to read it. Also to hide the fact that you did read it guess what you could’ve done? NOT RESPOND AND ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU DID. You didn’t even try, couldn’t help yourself, just had to respond. LOL!

FTR, I was doing schtick not to be taken seriously making fun of our boob and chief in the white house. So no I don’t feel dumb, you feeling dumb for reading it sound like a personal matter to me. Might need to get that checked out.

Peace and blessings! :grinning:


It’s sick to think or pretend to think, what he said in fatherly jest to be anything more than complimenting his beautiful daughter using his great sense of humor.

Only sick minds would try to paint his remarks in a sexual way.


The sick mind is trump.


The leftists accuse Trump of everything, including lying, based on their own ideology that they are taught, to blame the opponent for what themselves are guilty of.

This is done is a coordinated way. That is lying with no remorse and the American people are not fooled anymore.

The leftists can no longer count on the American people, being naive to the endless ■■■■■■■■ leftist tactics. We know the leftists have no conscience or authenticity.


I’m just going to chalk this response up as sincere ignorance. Yep…that’s it sincere ignorance. Good luck with that.

FTR…leftist are not the only ones accusing him of lies. I mean stop playing games, the man lie EVERY DAMN DAY. That crap transcends ideology. As if he don’t lie with no remorse. He give no craps about his lies. So I guess it is safe to assume you believe everything he say?


Brainwashing of ignorant minions of leftists is very sad. The leftist use people and spit them out.