Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


Well this is purely anecdotal but my 3 wonderful kids have spent most of their lives alone with leftists and haven’t gotten into any trouble so far. Kids left alone with Trump apparently can end up under FBI investigation. And if he weren’t married they might be dating him.


He seems like the kind of person who would have no idea why anyone would want to bother with having a dog.


hang on.

that $200,000 per year. are you including state taxes? payroll taxes? taxes on your car dealership? taxes paid by your customers? SS or FICA (employee and employer)? if i remember correctly, your state cut car dealerships a break on some taxes.

just trying to figure out what piece of that pie (for any business or individual really) that goes toward the building, maintaining and security on the fence between the US and Mexico.


yeah, probably smarter to leave your kids with Trump than Gates or Buffet.

and remember, anyone that’s socially liberal is a leftist.


I wouldn’t leave my kids alone with another Adult. So by default my answer would be no regardless of who the Adult is,

Now question to the OP would you leave your Daughter or Wife if you had one alone with Grabby Joe Biden?


well that’s rather stupid. we all have close friends that we’d trust with our kids and probably have numerous times.

the only reason i can think of for never trusting decent/honorable people is if you just can’t accurate evaluate people. or have no interactions with other humans.


Whataboutism is so cool.


NO it is NOT STUPID as your ■■■■■■■ claim. You do know most Sexual abuse is done by family members and people you know.
So calling me Stupid for wanting to protect my children makes your opinion pointless and insulting.



So you’d have no problem with those you personally know having their children put in cages if they broke the law by…let’s say…speeding or getting a parking ticket.


I’m going to stop you right here. Okay let’s go in religious terms. Bearing false witness? The man you support and call a great man lie and bear false witness and has done so EVERY DARN day he has been in office. In religious terms, the man you support has absolutely NO moral compass. In religious terms, the man you support is a liar, thief, adulterer, fornicator, and a cheater. In religious terms the man you support has never ask God for forgiveness, which is one of the tenets in accepting Christ.

Now I know we have all sinned and fell short of God’s glory, but you support a man who don’t even try. Everything he does is opposite of the gospel. God??? God is no where on his radar when it comes to this man decision making. Just a bunch of nationalistic, authoritarian, partisan nonsense.

Ma’am with all due respect, you got some serious NERVE in defending this guy in religious terms. A Christian, a true believer need to be condemning instead of Compromising. The Christian support of this man is troubling and reminds me of the 7 churches, in revelation. Which one do you belong to?


oh, it’s definitely stupid to say that you can’t trust anyone with your kids. you probably just aren’t good at judging people.

and regarding sexual abuse by family members, do you trust your kids with your wife? you certainly are insinuating that she could potentially be a problem (your family members comment).


Wife, and the other kids. And does his wife trust him?


It’s amazing the lengths these people will go to to avoid simply saying that they wouldn’t leave their kids alone in a room with the man they voted for to lead our country. You know, without any caveats or comparing it to other people.


Spot on


Sure is. +10


I kind of had in mind leftists like those that post here every day. I wouldn’t trust them at all.


Trump , Obama, Clinton, Hillary, Biden, are all technically Strangers.
So to specifically ask if I would leave my daughters in a room alone with Trump is absolutely stupid. Because I wouldn’t leave her alone with most adults I do not know.
My daughter has gone to Specialists for medical reasons and the Doctors will not even see my kids alone with our myself or my wife in the office with her.
Because it is protection for them and my child as well.

So you obviously have NO CLUE like usual.


Why not? Do you lack confidence in the strength of your daughters’ convictions?


Yes I would. Would I leave my daughter in a room with a flaming lib, oh hell no.


This is an amazing post.