Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


how many, buddy?


You guys are just paranoid! Who wouldn’t want their 14 year old daughter sitting on Trumps lap with a statue of two parrots making love in the foreground? So beautiful…
sarcasm alert


Are you sure those 2 parrots are making love? Because the one looks like he’s smoking a cigarette which suggests it’s all over.


you probably know better than me.
Also, I’m not your buddy. KMA, ishmael


you are still angry that I treated Obama as a man with policies first and a person of color second, instead of the other way around.


So you disagreed with Obama politically, hell I didn’t agree with a lot he did. Want a cookie bia?
However, my gripe with you and those like you is your obvious political double standard and your lack of consistency. I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy. You are another one I need to start referencing as “3 dollar bill”.

FTR, the record some of your ilk need to stop fronting about that other way around business. You know we see you.


Leftists cannot go forward in their lives, without radical changes in their entire attitude towards life.

Responses here are off the tracks of sanity.


ahhhh… I hope you heal someday from whatever took your clear vision


if I put my hands on my daughters hips like that she’d…um…it would never occur to me to put my hands on my daughter’s hips like that. I feel gross just typing it.


Neither would I.


I’m not the one who needs healing and my vision is 20/20. Stop projecting.


no it’s not. you think I didn’t like Obama because he was black.



10 chars


Income taxes or various business taxes (such as sales tax)?


That’s all I can see when I look at that picture. I have a husband and a daughter and I know there is something really weird about that. It’s gross!


It’s not a better question, it’s just a different question. You’ve already admitted that you wouldn’t leave your daughters with trump.


I would not leave any underage children alone with most conservatives…


What leftist Trump haters do not realize is that they are all aiming towards the destruction of that which has true value in life.

In religious terms, spewing such idiotic lies about a great man like President Donald Trump, is bearing false witness and is slandering the core of their own humanity.

They lie with no conscious remorse, but unconscious remorse eats them alive in their minds and they join up with political leaders and power-mad, super-liars, who reward them with pats on the head.

Just as terrified, young women abort their babies and seek approval from power-mad, super–liars, telling them it’s okay to kill babies, unconscious guilt, from wild lying, like abortion, torments them throughout their whole life. They pile on more karma daily.

If they honestly examine their own individual life purpose, apart from being in what is essentially a collective of people surrendering to a group think, rat pack mentality, they would see that, “any means to an end,” like voracious rats, competing to devour carcasses, is the actual cause and effect reason, for their particular mental problems they try to hide from the world.

They wonder why they fail in real life and why they have uncontrollable drives making them miserable, but cannot or will not seek to grasp WHY, they have these depressions, anxieties and rapacious desires that pile up till it all comes crashing down.

There is no refuge by following real world Rat leaders into oblivion, no matter what twisted juicy chunks they promise.


I wouldn’t leave my dog…

He seems like the kind of guy who would kick a dog.


I would too - my little girl would neuter him.