Would you leave your daughter alone in a room with Trump


Unfortunately, no. They won’t.

Too much baby killing guilt.


If I had a daughter I probably wouldn’t leave her with #1 polling democrat for 2020 “Creepy Joe Biden” either come to think about it I probably wouldn’t leave her with Bill Clinton.


No man could help himself. She’s irresistible.


They’ve already watched it. Amirite?



Psychos happy.


At least Biden’s Progressive in his groping


You have to admit there is something creepy about Biden kinda like Trump, different but still creepy.


An equal opportunistic gender diversity groper.


Biden sure likes to touch… and whisper in ears. I bet his high school days were … creepy.


“Trust” to do what? Keep his hair clean? Cook you dinner? Be your Dentist?


If I’m leaving her alone, Trump then had to witness that I was her father? She’ll be fine…so yes.


that’s what we all learned in church. affairs and paying off porn stars = integrity.

Party of Family Values 2018


it doesn’t matter if voters are scared or not. it doesn’t matter if you’re scared or not. Mueller’s investigation will eventually finish and we’ll all eventually know if and which laws were broken and how bad it was.

just be patient.


Those are dreadlocks… fail


Oh… well my degree is not in cosmetology. My mistake.


I don’t have a daughter but could arrange a meeting with Ivanka for me?


It’s your brain with those thoughts… Not Trumps.


He even drove drunk into a river where a girl drowned and he ran and hid not calling for help.
But a generous Nation gave him later a funeral fit for a king in spite of that…oh wait…never mind.


Those things happen. As long as it happened before he was elected president then it doesn’t count.