Would this give Kamala confidence in a vaccine?

This is my suggestion. The CEO’s of every company making a vaccine, show up and take the first dose that rolls off the line. Maybe the head of the FDA gets one next? Then line up the workers who produced it and give them all a shot. Maybe this would eliminate some of her irrational fears?


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whoever is President when it comes out should take it first, then everyone will know it’s safe and not politically motivated.

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I agree with this. Let the sitting president (whoever that may be) take the first dose, If he takes it willingly, that would inspire a lot more confidence.

Plus, it has the advantage that the CEO would know he’d be in a ■■■■■■■■ of trouble if the president of the US had problems from it.

Ford did that.

It was still politically motivated.

“According to the poll, 56 percent of independents and 60 percent of Republicans said they would not get the vaccine, while 50 percent of Democrats said they would.”

My thoughts. I’m surprised that Kamala is having such a big impact on the GOP since more Republican’s said they wouldn’t take the vaccine then DEMs.

It’s almost like…people are pretending Kamala is at the center of this to ignore reality and troll.

There was already an issue of people trusting vaccines, and that was for diseases that people didn’t think were a hoax.

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Umm… Except I don’t trust the current office holder to have the good sense not to take worthless drugs to take a point. Trump bragging that he had taken that arthritis medicine as a preventative didn’t inspire me to trust its efficacy.

Also, single cases aren’t really very good to determine the safety or efficacy of vacines. The FDA has an existing protocol for testing vaccines. That would seem to be the proper procedure to follow. One can draw no valid conclusions from “The president trusts” or “the president does”.

Irrational fear, as you stated, isn’t rational.

Therefore, rational actions are not going to change irrational beliefs.


The survey, released Thursday, found 62 percent of respondents said they were concerned about a vaccine being authorized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before it is proven to be safe and effective. That number included 85 percent of Democrats, 61 percent of independents and 35 percent of Republicans.

Straight out of Q-mala’s mouth.

She said she wouldn’t take the vaccine on Trumps word but would rather have a more credible source. Nothing irrational about that at all. Trump is not a credible source of information. Fact.

Don’t you worry about the safety and efficacy of any vaccine that is ultimately made available to us- the manufacturers would never release an unsafe vaccine, because they would be liable for huge damages. Trump has absolutely zero say over what any drug manufacturer does.

Who cares what camela thinks.

She’s completely irrelevant.

Which would explain why more Republicans are saying they won’t get the vaccine than Dems?

Although only 50% of Dems saying they’ll take the vaccine is worrisome.

Seems like Altair is, even started a thread on it.

What’s scary is that from his logic more Republican’s are listening to her then DEMs.

:us: Flush Twice :us:

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From dim logic, only maskless republicans are spreading and dying from covid.

When the day comes, let’s see who puts their money where their mouth is?

There is data and study results yet to be released.

When the testing and FDA approval is finalized Harris should still maintain her Anti-Vaxx position. That’ll show everyone real leadership?

I’ve got to say - it’s kind of funny how Trumpists have kind of run out of things to say about Biden, so they’ve moved on to Kamala now. Wonder how long this phase will last?


As long as she is good for a few more laughs.

How bout the POTUS and his family being first in line.