Would this be obstruction of justice?

Your the Deputy Director of the FBI. You have a conversation where the principal associate deputy attorney general.

The official was “very pissed off” at the FBI, the report says, and demanded to know why the FBI was still pursuing the when the Justice Department considered the case dormant.

Do you consider that “obstruction of justice”?

Once some resutls of the poll come in I’ll fill in the details :smiley:

  • Yes
  • No

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Bump…Libs are going to avoid answering the poll. :wink:

I don’t understand what’s being asked in the OP…its kind of incoherent


No, everyone is avoiding answering the poll.


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What? “Where” what?


If it was Hillary, then yes. Otherwise, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Maybe you could start with “filling in” some basic coherence, if possible.


Back at ya, big guy.

What the hell are you talking about. This makes no sense.

Why would we answer the poll?

I’m asking if the DOJ official might be guilty of obstruction of justice by calling the deputy director of the FBI and asking why an investigation was still going on. Simple yes or no answer here. Do you think the DOJ official was obstructing an investigation?

I’m still trying to figure out the forum.

Apparently you can’t put things inside >< (doing them backwards). I had put case redacted by snow96 Substitute the * for a <

I didn’t want to give the case away that the DOJ official was “pissed off” about and demanded to know why it was continuing.

So would that be obstruction of justice?

Oh I don’t know. Are you one of the one’s who thinks The Don obstructed justice by firing Comey?

If there was pressure to drop it then yes.

Of course he did. Everyone agrees on that.

If the DOJ official isn’t a subject of the investigation, or has any conflicts of intetest, then no. Obstruction requires motive.

Rigged system… I hope McCabe flips…

Well here’s the article I got it from. Seem’s this obstruction of justice is burried in the inspector general’s report on Mcabe.

The call was on the investigation of Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation during the Election. Justice official ADMITS the call took place.

Tucked inside the inspector general’s report on former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was the story of an August 2016 phone call from a high-ranking Justice Department official who Mr. McCabe thought was trying to shut down the FBI’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was running for president.

Then the quote that I’ve learned about the call McCabe got

The official was “very pissed off” at the FBI, the report says, and demanded to know why the FBI was still pursuing the Clinton Foundation when the Justice Department considered the case dormant.

Normally I would say alleged call but then you have this:

In a footnote to the report, the inspector general says the Justice official agreed with the description of the call but objected to seeing that “the Bureau was trying to spin this conversation as some evidence of political interference, which was totally unfair.”

Had that been someone from The Trump Administration who made the call, AND admitted making the call, this story would be all over the leftwing media. BUT because it was the Obama Administration and Hillary not a peep about this part of the Inspector General’s report from them.

To me, the DOJ official (now retired) should be hauled in and asked who he was getting pressure on the Hillary investigation from.

Those who attempted to attack Trump and thwart Trump’s democratic election are finding more and more reasons to regret their actions.

Each is a little modern day Sennacherib.

The Assyrian who conquered most of the ANE in the 7th century BC?

Do you actually believe that is what is happening in America right now? Be honest please.