Would Jesus have supported Donald Trump?

I think the answer is very simple. Jesus would not. Trump has violated practically everyone of the 10 Commandments since he’s been in office. He lies almost daily. He doesn’t care about people. He’s very selfish. The answer is incredibly simple. He would not


Jesus was nonpolitical. That seems to have escaped you.

He’s probably say to render to trump what is trump’s.

Frothy froth; froth :popcorn:

Render to Nero what is Nero’s or Caligula? I can’t decide which Roman emperor fat donald resembles the most.

My wife does think Jesus would have forgiven him. She’s more charitable than I am.

Donald’s an amalgam of Nero’s corruption and compulsiveness, and Caligula’s vanity and self-absorption.

Being a mythical being, we can attribute whatever behavior we want upon him.


Too complicated for you?

It is a stupid OP with a single purpose in mind; To bash Trump. Trump haters never tire of coming up with ever more creative ways in which the can express their hatred of the man.


Hadn’t thought of linking them but indeed…

What was Jesus said about the first stone? Have you ever lied?

All of the ten? Has he murdered anyone? Committed adultery since elected? Had he dishonored his mother and father? worshipped an idol? You’re not even close to proving that claim.


To be fair, he wouldn’t vote for Hillary either, or likely any Presidential candidate for the last 30 years at least…

But he’s certainly have harsh words for Trump - and far harsher words for the Pharisees claiming His name in Trumps support.

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I guess even jesus has no baseline standards lol

I thought it was pretty low of them to use one man’s death as an opportunity to bash on President Trump

Trump’s record on the ten commandments since being elected is no worse than yours so the hypocrisy is laughable.

Christ consorted with the worst of sinners, forgave them when they repented and led them to the father.

Trump is not a shining example Christians should strive to emulate but at least he isn’t peddling the same holier than though BS on the net you are.

You seem to believe he was amoral, too.

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“since elected” LOL

Hes called for the execution of Terrorists families.

He worships money.

You’ve got me on the mother and father thing, but his dad was a total racist piece of garbage KKK member anyway, so honestly, it’s be probably more of a sin to endorse him…

You mean you guys are the real victims here? Naturally.

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He was big on forgiveness.